Well I live at 3185 Pebble Run Drive Dover Pennsylvania 17315 I just barely been here a month drywall all *** cracks all between walls countertops coming apart I don't even know if they had the right pattern under the car for the steps with the carpet on it that's screwed up they got drywall should all in the window seals peel and all the shower was so screwed up everything had to be redone they got to take the baseboards out Spain autonomous colors are mixed in with the paint I just got told today well mister Jenkins you act like you don't want us to come out I'll just cancel the drywall for the drywall people to not come out Saturday but my thing is that should have been done you had *** five six seven months to fix this *** so now we get comfortable in the house they talk about what what days you off I'm off Saturday and Sunday but these *** people get to enjoy their Saturdays and Sundays off and going to send strangers to my *** house all the plants they put in the house all screwed up outside you don't hang up the stable the plants they put this fixture over the house it's not even up there right it is stamp that *** up a supposed to be happy I told him yesterday to come and take that *** down is it still up there for I wish I had some new photos Ryan Homes full of *** and they threw NVR now the Slickers move that is the slickest move that is pulled is once I want the settlement on September 2018 they switch the mortgage company over to what's the name of that company roundpoint so that's what my first mortgage payment I have to go to January 1st 2019 drywall in the ceiling all messed up the window frames all screwed up it is a mess and this guy glad like I supposed to be happy with this *** then I paying for this *** we got to pay for this *** me and my fiance not these *** people ain't got that commission and like I told him tonight if I can just get you in the gym I beat the *** out of you beat the *** out of I believe that ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Rewrite your review because this makes absolutely no sense


This post from this supposedly pissed Ryan homeowner, living at the an address that's posted on here is most likely a fraud. I'm hoping it's that because I hate to think that this person exists and is running around out there.

That being said. I had also bought a Ryan disaster. My best day was when I sold it. Anyone potential customer who is considering buying a Ryan home and reading these reviews.

Stay clear of them. They make excellent profits for their stockholders by putting together a shoddy home with cheap labor. You will continue to have roof, siding, leak and HVAC issues during your warranty and long afterwards.

You would have essentially discovered that you had purchased a brand new money pit. PLEASE HEED MY WARNING HERE TO YOU!


You have foolishly opened your front door (you published the address) to any or all of the internet pathogens, criminals, stalkers, etc. who populate the cyber world.

Then you proceeded to swear at the rest of us repeatedly. Take your meds and handle your life and hope that you haven't royally hung yourself.

Marvin J

This whole house is *** up from the garage outside the blacktop the symbol on the roof the trees bushes dry wall light fixtures basement bathroom just a five bedroom home it's been here barely a month missing Dover PA 17315 Ryan Homes phone number 443-374-8470 Marvin Jenkins Annette Mathews