DO NOT finance through NVR Mortgage. They have been known to alter contracts, and give people the option of signing the *** deals point blank at closing or default on their contract and lose tens of thousands on their non-refundable deposit. In one case, NVR/Ryan homes nailed reputable people that had good credit with a 14% APR, more than twice what was agreed long before closing. They signed under threat of losing their deposit and assumed they could just go to another bank to get a fair deal.

But it got worse...the Ryan Homes house was seriously defective, and thus they could not get refinancing, nor would Ryan Homes fix their house. It took these people almost two years to get their life back from Ryan Homes and NVR mortgage. This is just one case. Not all get their life back, once you get mixed up with these people.

Sure things work out in some cases, but do not believe that your contract is binding to NVR. The rule of law is designed to serve them, not you the buyer. Try to find a mortgage broker or actual bank, that doesn't just use trust as a logo. You can still get your incentives without helping the pres of NVR mortgage department make his $5 mil bonus, on top of his meager $300,000 a year salary.

THE BOTTOM LINE anyway you cut it, the goals of forcing NVR financing on buyers is to extract back any benefits you think you're getting through incentives. People have successfully gone through a different broker or realtor, because of the bad terms NVR tried to stick them with. They still got the buyer incentives without tipping NVR, which is nothing more than a broker anyway.

Monetary Loss: $640.

Location: Henrico, Virginia

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I just locked in a 4.75% interest rate with NVR and they are also giving me a 2,400 credit towards closing. Although I initially did not want to go through NVR just to receive the incentives, I'm glad I finally did. They have been one of the more professional mortgage companies I've worked with.


14% does seem extremely high, but I do know someone that bought a townhome in a Ryan development. In order to get the incentives, something along the lines of a finished rec room and some other stuff, they had to use NVR Mortgage. The rate was not competitive, but not outrageous, I'd say easily a half percent above what they should have been given.


14% is high for any loan. It seems like there is something else to this story.

I cannot see how this interest rate was charged in a mortgage market like this. Not to discredit your story, but I do not believe this is true.

I am in the mortgage business, and there is no way the rate can get that high when you first buy a home.

Maybe if you had an ARM and years down the road it adjusted... then it seems more believable.


This post was deleted from city data forum, as defamatory and a consumer complaint. Per chance this site is presumably also threatened, I'm adding my source for the post, and my reply to the city-data forum manager, which includes the source of my comments. This post isn't a "complaint" it's a comment based on information I believed to be accurate from a third party.

to city-data forum manager (no name just an alias)


Though it doesn't really matter in this situation, the post was based on this letter from (on file) and their former website, both of which I still have on file. It was removed by the victims as a requirement of settlement with Ryan Homes. I also have that on file. You may of course remove anything at your discretion, but so you know, I do not post baseless or completely false information, though I understand proving information is not false and defamatory is generally not worthwhile. Thanks for taking time to explain your actions though. I do understand and sincerely appreciate your consideration.



copy of letter from victims:

I am sorry about your problems.

We have been fighting Ryan Homes for almost 3 years now. $15,000 in attorney fees, we are no closer then the day we started. I am really disgusted by the morals and ethics of Ryan Homes.

NVR Mortgage sold us up the river with our mortgage. We were paying about 15% interest. We were not able to refinance with another bank or mortgage company because of the damage to the house. We were paying about $1,700/month for a mortgage the should be about $950/month. This has about bankrupted us. My uncle saw our problem and helped us out. He loaned us the money to pay off our current mortgage. Now we make payments to him of $900/month. Once the house is fixed, we will refinance at a bank and pay my uncle back in full. I trust the Lord will take care of us through all of this. In the Bible it says all things work for the good. This is rough to go through, but we will be better people in the end