Westerville, Ohio
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I submitted a complaint about our “serious drainage issue” with our and our neighbors newly built Ryan Homes houses... Our rear yards were absolutely terrible and Ryan Homes was not helping us to resolve our problem..

It took several months and contacting attorneys and Channel 12’s Howard Ain and his investigative team before any contact from Ryan Homes.. Months later our and our neighbors rear yards were completed the way that a new home is supposed to be...

Many of our neighbors problem was now addressed... Thanks to Howard Ain and his team at Channel 12,, Our dreams are finally perfect and we have Homes that we love....

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It's a shame that Ryan only did this to stop the bad publicity which would affect the companies profits and the stockholders. They have absolutely no regard in building a quality home for the poor unfortunate buyers that live in them.

I had nothing but problems in the four years that I lived in my brand new Ryan home.

Everything from leaks, siding, HVAC breakdowns, two appliances needing to be replaced and much much more. Selling that home was the only way to get out of that money pit.