Have two broken windows currently under warrentee. These windows just seem to crack out of no where.

In fact one just shattered over this past weekend, from the inside. Not only is the telephone number provided for service not a working number but I have been unable to contact NVR Patriot Windows or Ryan Homes by any means. When using the net I filled out a form that promps every replacement window business in the area to call me.

Once they hear about the warentee they don't want to talk to me any more or want to do a free estimate that I am not interested in. This is the poorest customer service I have ever seen.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Location: Stafford, Virginia

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I called NVR and customer support gave me the phone number for Patriot Window, which is also known as PlyGem. Phone number 866-518-4138.


The windows are built very cheaply. The design is built to fail. We have the plastic slide for the track which has just broke from wear.


You can get replacement windows. Patriot windows may now be sold by someone else.

We got 2 last year. They definitely are lousy windows if they crack, even in settlement. This has happened to several people in our development. I do ordered the windows from a lumber/hardware store up in Delaware where our home is.

Call NVR Homes in Reston VA and they should give you the info. And then the company will provide who is dealing with these windows now


Consider contacting Paul Savillee CEO of NVR inc. Disregarding he is marginally a human being, who belong in the septic tank with all other subhuman NVR shareholders, he may want to avoid his obvious smell by covering up the *** Ryan Homes builds.

That his his primary job as things are anyway. Your windows are hung wrong, and the "settling house" is breaking them, and will continue to do so until the are correctly re-installed. His e-mail is psaville@nvrinc.com.

Good luck. You will need it.