I put a contract down on my Ryan home in December of 2011, and they completed the construction June of 2012. Since I've been in my allegedly 5 Star energy efficient, Town home/condominium I've been having nothing but issue, after issue, after issue, after issue!

While the place was still under warranty my pipes sprung a leak and it basically rained in my living room and damaged my hardwood floors and ceiling just from me turning on my water spout in my garage. I also had a serious gas leak from my kitchen stove since a rush job was clearly done throughout the entire house and the gas company had to come out and tag my stove as hazardous, and they mandated that I did not use the stove until I got the builders back to my place to seal a gas line that was never sealed. Since the warranty has expired, my motor and motherboard to the HVAC system has conked out and from what I’m told the motor is supposed to last at least 10 years. Now I'm dealing with the effects of Hurricane Joaquin exposing even more issues in this place, now my balcony window has sprung a constant leak because of the non-stop rain we are experiencing in the DMV area, and now my drywall and crown molding is warped and separating from the walls.

I purchased a condominium over 40 years old prior to having this place built and I'm experiencing just as many problems if not more in this newly built 3 year old condominium. Notice I keep referring to what suppose to be my new home, "this place" because it has been a constant headache, inconvenience and major disappointment living in a place with major product and structural issues, so I’m finding it very hard to call this place home. Someone really need to hold the CEO, Dan Ryan accountable for crushing the American dreams of so many hard working people around U.S.

purchasing his “cookie cutter” homes. I feel like a victim of a horrific scam, thinking I was getting a 5 Star quality built town home, when it’s really just a defective, and poorly built housing unit that look pretty on the outside and worth little to nothing on the inside.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ryan Homes Pros: Look of the home and layout.

Ryan Homes Cons: Failure to follow through, Rush job that was done, Cheap products that they installed.

Location: Bowie, Maryland

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