Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Six years into a Ryan built home and my roof needs to be replaced due to terrible workmanship and poor quality shingles. Most of the development was done with decent quality "architecture" shingles but a few rows of homes were done with low-end, cheap shingles.

We had a waterfall-like leak coming down our walls with each storm that passed. The roofers found that nails were put in crooked, sideways and are pushing out on the shingles, leaving exposed holes.

An entire section of wood was exposed around the exhaust pipe and there was unsealed step up flashing. Worst part is that our HOA wants to wait 20 years to replace roofs and could care less.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Replace my damage roof and use the products that were used in the rest of the development and do it right. Also, pay for or repair any damages to the interior of my walls from the leaking.

Ryan Homes Cons: Never accept responsibility for poor quality poor decisions, Lack of actions taken to correct issues after contruction, Willingness to accept responsibility for actions.

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my home is 9 years old and have a leaking roof, who is responsible for it?


don't feel bad, I'm building with them now and the roof they installed on Tue already leaks on Sunday. they suck.


The best day in a Ryan home is the first day buy it and the day that you sell it. Its the money pit that has no bottom.


I don't know where you live, but where I live there is only one season: hot. A roof here should last 30 years.

An air conditioner is another story.

A roof in an area where it is snowy and rainy is at least 20 years. You got screwed, sorry this happened to you.