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So my partner and I were going to buy a house qualified on my income alone we made it perfectly clear to the sales associate that we did not want to associate my partner with the loan at all. The sales associate was very nice Very attentive and had a great attitude but what we didn't know is that why we were talking to her she had my wife fill out a loan agreement while I was not in the Room.

While we went on to financing I did not qualify to buy the house solely on my income I called the sales associate and told her the unfortunate news. She then proceeded to tell me that if I did not attempt to add my wife to the loan Set Ryan Homes could pursue legal action against me because I am not showing good faith.

I was very puzzled at what she was talking about, when I asked her how was that she said that both of us signed the Purchase agreement! I was floored we had no intention of my partner signing the purchase agreement or any other paperwork we pursued this for 3 weeks and tell finally we contacted the president and explained everything We had our mutual separation contract signed in less than 2 days after dealing with the president directly will never deal with Ryan Homes ever again they are very sneaky.

Location: 8725 Wildflower Way, Mentor, OH 44060

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