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Home buyers need to understand that Ryan Homes as well as other large builders can supply the most square footage and bang for the buck. They do this by being power buyers on materials and with the labor as well.

They will tell the sub-contractor that they will give them all the work they can handle but at a cut rate that may be 25%-50% less than the going rate. The only way the sub-contractor can make money like this is to get the work done as quickly as possible. When that happens you get sub-par workmanship. Home buyers need to understand that before buying a home.

No smaller builder can give the square footage for the money as these large builders. If you want quality, you HAVE to stay away from these guys. With a smaller builder you will get better quality, have more control and get better service but the downsize is that you will get less house for the money and it may take longer to build. As you may be able to tell, I am a contractor.

Without defending Ryan or any other builder, why would you expect to get the most square footage, the most little bells and whistles and get a house built quickly, all while paying less money. My motto is, good, fast and cheap, pick any two. Buying/building a home is a large investment, do your homework. There have never been many good reviews about these guys, that should tell you something.

No one is going to protect you against yourself. Most of us are the same, we want to complain about the "Walmart's" but we all want to get the best prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Ryan Homes Pros: Most bang for the buck.

Ryan Homes Cons: Quality.

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The mistake that you make on your assessment of Ryan homes and their poor quality as giving the home buyer the biggest bang for his buck is incorrect. Did you ever stop and think that Ryan is out to give their stockholders the biggest bang for their buck at the expense of the home buyers.

In 2012, NVR/Ryan stock was $700 dollars per share.

It closed on Friday, July 12, 2019 at $ 3849.63 per share! That is the reason that they purchase all of the materials and labor, both substandard and it's not for giving the home buyer anything but rather fleecing him on a brand new handyman special.


Never ceases to amaze me that people continue to buy these poorly constructed Ryan shanties and are then surprised by the lousy quality. There is so much info out there, that minimal research would scare away all but the most profoundly thick consumer.

They built an eyesore in Jefferson, MD, and the siding was buckling within 2 months. They ended up changing it before they began selling, but only because it was so obvious and the first thing one notices. I feel sorry for the people buying in this lemon orchard and I’m sorry that the land is defaced by this cheap mess of inelegantly designed, human storage sheds for.

They pay decent money for these places, but they get low quality plywood and vinyl slapped, up quickly by immigrant labor. Caveat Emptor!