Last year there was an odor coming from underneath my sink. The smell got so bad that we almost had to leave the house and move in with my in-laws until someone could come out and take a look at the plumbing.

We called Ryan Homes as our plumbing was still under warranty and they said to call GE that it wasn't a plumbing issue but an issue with our dishwasher. $99 later, GE said that it was a plumbing issue and to call Ryan Homes. Ryan Homes finally sent someone out and low and behold, it wasn't a dishwasher problem, the spot where the gas line meets the disposal was lose and leaking. Problem fixed?

not so much. 10 months later the smell is back. Called Ryan and they send Brandon out to my house to take a look. He didn't do anything, and my mother-in-law (who sells new homes and has for 25 years) wasn't buying the "this isn't a problem that is covered by warranty" bull that this guy was trying to sell her (and me over the phone).

He got so upset that we wanted him to do work, that he left my house, without doing anything. I called Ryan Homes to complaint and insist that they send someone out (not Brandon) to look at our plumbing and she said "according to our notes you need to flush the disposal system with water and bleach and that should fix the issue, this isn't something covered by warranty." The notes they had did not reflect the work that was actually done the first time. Ryan Homes is souless and don't give a flying *** about their consumers once that check clears. They do not take responsibility for the crap work that their employees do and the mistreatment of their staff in the homes of their consumers.

Everything that goes wrong in the house is the consumers issue and debt to incur no matter what is still covered by warranty. Avoid this company like the plague, by Beazer or CalAtlantic!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Plumbing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Let's explore the money making success and practice of Ryan/NV homes for their stockholders at the poor expense of their home buyers. Ryan builds in 14 States and is the third or fourth largest home builder in the United States.

Just a few years ago the price of one share was at 700 dollars. It is over 3ooo today. Ryan buys every bit of material that goes into the homes from the roof shingles to the flooring. They not only buy it at a discount at bulk rate but also don't supply any high-quality HVAC systems as well.

My house had a brand called Comfort Maker. They then proceed to hire the cheapest contractors that they can find in the State and area that they are building in to put this whole house or project together. They then assign someone they title as project manager to oversee the construction. His title should actually be called project coordinator because rather than oversee construction.

He simply sees to it that the contractors show up on schedule so that the house gets completed for its closing date. Since the cheapest contractors are hired. They are in many cases not the best ones in that given area. What's worse is since they are not supplying any of the materials in which to make a profit.

Their attitude towards the job and project suffer. Leaving the buyer with shoddy workmanship in many areas in many cases. The HVAC company that installed my Comfort Maker, brand, which broke down several times, admitted that they would never sell that cheaper brand. Not only is the brand used in HVAC equipment important but it's installation as well.

In my situation the HVAC company was hired for labor purposes only at the cheapest negotiated price from others in the area. Their attitude coupled with that substandard unit was problematic for me. I lived in that home for four years and 2 of the brand new kitchen appliances had to be replaced as repairs would cost more than a new unit. The refrigerator compressor broke and the dishwasher motor burned out.

Did Ryan buy refurbished GE appliances at a cheaper rate? Who knows but it wouldn't surprise me. While Ryan did offer a one year warranty in which they did responded to every repair and breakdown that I had. These problems continued after that year, the whole 4 that I was there, costing me a lot of out of pocket money which on a new home is ridiculous.

For one thing, I continually had roof shingles blow off of the roof on windy days. I had siding come off in spots and buckle in others. Leaks in the basement and garage. Cracks in the walls and floor issues.

My garage door motor failed. It was one thing after another. Im not even talking about the shoddy workmanship on certain things because they can be considered as subjective. The ten year structural warranty they offer is another scam.

First you have to hire a certified engineer involved in construction and submit his report to Ryan regarding the structural issue. It is they that determine whether or not to make the necessary repairs after you paid for an expert to examine your property and submit that report. A neighbor of mine had hired an expert in HVAC design and installation of buildings to come out and examine his unit. His house was either too cold in the Winter or too hot in the Summer regardless of how he set the thermostat.

The expert found that the unit was grossly undersized to handle that house which was close to 4000 square feet.

Ryan choose not to fix the problem. I sold that money pit after 4 years and was very happy that I did.


Just started the process of buying a new Ryan home. I am reading all of these horror stories and want to back out.