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I chose to build a Ryan homes thinking it would be a wise decision. I have been more then disappointed in the home.

The buying process was a breeze, and honestly the building was too, it was after that they showed their true colors. I and many of my neighbors have had nothing but problems due to cheap work constructing our homes. I have had cabinets literally fall apart, my carpet peel away from the walls TWICE, cabinets that literally aren't connected to a wall, a ROOF LEAK, all my doors are installed crooked and do not close, loose shingles, a sliding door that is missing parts, and much much more. Their warranty department is a joke.

It takes weeks to get responses and even longer for them to get a contractor out. My husband and I have had to take a total of 8 days off of work thus far due to "fixes" and still have problems. The warranty manager ignores the majority of my messages. When I attempt to reach out to discuss I talk to the same people who brush me aside, I'm sorry but if you spend hundreds of thousands on a home I expect it to be nice.

The contractors hired trash our neighborhood, park where ever they want and even left a broken down car on the road for 3 weeks. After numerous complaints I was roughly told they are aware of the problem. I called the other day as a dump truck and trailer is parked along a curve of the road making visibility around it impossible. Multiple near accidents have already occurred due to this but I was told the contractors know where they can park.

How does it make sense that residents are basically told no to everything IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY.

I am so sick of Ryan homes, I moved in August 2018 and am currently looking for a new home. MANY more photos can be provided.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $170000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ryan Homes Pros: Loan officer.

Ryan Homes Cons: Construction, Project manager, Community rep, Quality.

Location: 3047 Liberty Ledges Dr, Twinsburg, OH 44087

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don't feel alone as ryan homes are a joke ,like you said they tell you something then don't follow through we have have siding come off that was never fastened, a roof leak that took 3 months to get them to fix ,sump pump was a joke been in 6 monthes pump has had to be replaced 2 times when we finally got them to level off the lot they cracked the sidewalk and driveway been in house since December still no grass has ever been planted , stove is not level , shower door seals are coming out , water spicket in garage is so close to floor you cant get a bucket under it the street is a disaster it is so filthy it is unbelievable even with all the rain we have had,they have been out 5 times to get seal around garage door fixed it is still not right , they miswired a 3 way switch it didn't work at all the sales people were ok one was great the other one kept saying well you can have that done later , for the price you pay for their houses the quality is very poor I will never buy from them again poulte builds quality ryam builds cheap poor qualitype your message here


NVR Homes, the parent company of Ryan Homes, has done a horrible job with our community in Ocean City, MD. Our condo buildings have sever water damage.

We are trying to hold NVR accountable but can't get the help of the AG or some other politician in the area.

Now we are turning to the media. If anyone is interested in joining our fight to expose NVR for what they are, reach out.


Ryan/NVR was not created to build decent homes but generate big, huge profits for the company and its stockholders. Their concept only leads for disappointment and heartache for the home buyer who thinks he is getting a very well built house.

While I do believe that the materials used today in homes exceeds that of those 40 or 50 years old. The human or moral factor in today's standards erases all of that. I'd rather have a home that is well built, 50 years old, that's not as efficient as these garbage homes put up by these big builders like Ryan. Let's explore how they operate.

Ryan/NVR buys every nail, roof shingle, bottom of the line HVAC equipment and refurbished GE appliances. They must be refurbished because I had nothing but problems with my refrigerator and dishwasher which both had to be replaced after one year. They then hire the cheapest contractors in the area for labor purposes only. Not only are these contractors not the best but since they are not supplying the materials their positive attitude, which is important, is lacking from the job.

The end result is a substandard home that will not even last 30 or more years. Although most Ryan home buyers will never buy another and sites like this dissuade some smart buyers. The overwhelming pool of naive customers out there keep them going. The only difference between NVR and Ryan is that NVR includes all of the upgrades that you'd opt for when buying a home.

I lived in a brand new Ryan home for 4 years. Since crooked doors and walls can be subjective. Let me mention the OTHER THINGS that I had problems with. Had to replace 2 appliances.

Seven breakdowns, many outside of the warranty with my heating and air conditioning. One out of warranty repair cost me several hundred dollars. Roof shingles that kept blowing off of the roof. Siding that came loose or buckled.

Leaks in the bssement and garage. Garage door key pad failed. Front door bell shorted out. Floor boards that were glued down popped up in several spots.

This doesn't happen when the boards are put in tongue and groove. Whoever did the wood flood pieced and glued several pieces into spots which popped up and came off. I paid 8000 dollars for that wood floor which was a disaster. One corner cabinet had an obvious cracking in it which was noticed on the walk through with the project manager.

Half of the cabinets had to be removed to install the new one. Linoleum in the laundry room had a big razor cut through it which they put a bead of silicone over it rather than redo the floor. Many doors did not close or lock because they were installed crooked. I spent my first year and subsequent years after the warranty paying out of pocket expenses on a brand new home.

The entire roof needed to be redone. Many shingles were not properly secured and nailed down. EVERY WINDY DAY I had shingles blow off of that roof.

I could go on but you get the point. .