When we purchased our home, we had a choice of communities. We could purchase in Ballmoral, a typically "front load" garage home or we could build in Fallbrook, a "side load" only community with larger lots and an extra cost of $30,000.

We purchased the home that was the smallest that was "allowed" in the area. Now, they are putting in front load garage homes that are so small, they look ridiculous in our neighborhood. Ryan will not comment as to why, after we paid the additional $30,000 to move "up", they are now putting in these homes. It's Fraud, pure and simple.

We could have built a larger home in the other community and gotten more amenities, however, we wanted to build in an area where the homes would be worth more. We were scammed. The entire community is outraged and we have a very small home going in next door to us, so we are not happy.

It is good for these people who are moving in, who are completely unaware that the neighbors are already mad at them before they move in as it hurts our resale value. DO NOT BUY FROM RYAN, THEY LIE.

Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina

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Don't feel too bad, we bought into a gated community of townhouses and townhome condos only to have them put in APARTMENTS. We pay fr a security gate and now we have apartments inside our gates.


You should have read your covenenats. The builder has nothing to do with it.

Only homes that meet the minimum covenants can be built in your community. Your fault for not reading before you purchased.

By the way, Ryan closed a house for $439k in December, 2010 in Fallbrook. What did you pay?


Our Ryan Home is an absolute POS. Their "10 year foundation warranty" means nothing and they do not stand behind their work at all.

Everytime their has been a problem (like 3 cracked basement walls) I've had to fight with them for days before they'll agree to even help with the repair costs.

They also don't tell you that they put the houses closer together than if you lived in the inner city. Our driveway is so steep it's almost unsafe to have kids walk down it...and is downright hazardous in the winter.


Yo - idiots: Ryan homes does not control the market - the FREAKING market dictates what sells and for how much! It's so nice that all of you *** who took advantage of *** lending now fault the hardworking people buying houses now who actually qualify for what we're now buying. I hope you get foreclosed on!

Brian B

The only thing you can do is get a lawyer.


Same thing happened to us in Cincinnati. They are doing this all over.