We have NEVER owned a RYAN home, THANK GOD, but we came SO close to purchasing until we saw the home being built, they used some form of sheathing on the outside instead of plywood or fiberboard, we were shocked when our fist went clear through this stuff, then the siding is put on the outside of this and interior walls with the insulation and sheet rock and you'd never know this is how it was completed. AMAZING that they could get away with this building code. I could imagine the Gas / Electric bills to cool or warm home.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Double Pam's thud! These are AMAZING.


I'm gonna run out of adjectives. What hoamsnde guys and captured so amazingly.Good luck to Ryan in his new adventure what a wonderfully giving spirit.


Do your homework - There are plenty of builders in the marketplace that build a decent home and will stand behind their work. Ryan Homes is not one of them.

There are countless poeple that are furious with how they are treated after the settle. They are the bottom feeders in the home building industry and everyone knows this.

As I visit new home communities and see Ryan Homes and other builders, I notice Ryan Homes is dropping prices to entice buyers and the other builders are selling homes at higher prices. My hats off to todays buyers who will not settle for garbage.


Whoever wrote this knows little or nothing about this industry. All builders simply serve the market and price accordingly.

The market has gone down, builders price to sell.

They are not destroying values, they are selling a product at a price that the market demands. Sorry if you overpaid!


"So Sad" you sound like an employee. After doing research we found that Ryan homes was the worst builder in the area.

They use less then desirable materials and they pay even less to have it installed. That equals a poor built home. 7/10 people i have talked with would not buy another home. Their service is the worst in the building industry.

Sure they are in many locations, but they are dropping prices in communities and values are no longer stable. In 2012 you will see Ryan Homes pull out of many communities as a result. The sad thing is NV homes is the same company and they build a home that is a night and day difference. But in the words of Ted Knight in caddyshack - " The world needs ditch diggers too".

The only way they will change is if most buyers get smarter and realize that their are better options to buying a home. Buyer Beware


I agree. They do plywood where I live


You sound like a jealous competitor.