Bought a Ryan Home in 2012. Moved in and day 1 leaks from the ceiling couldn't even enjoy my bath.

Thanksgiving was ruined pipe fitting installed incorrectly busted and flooded living room replaced with cheap *** carpeting. Come to find out after doing another home inspection the home inspection failed on everything yet the home inspector before closing had passed it..shady deals made with the city to build and develop communities. My home come to find out is built on a river inlet and that is illegal my home is now got 4 feet standing water on the left side of the home sitting next to the foundation which the customer service supervisor paid shady soil investigators to come up with a normal report. When the other reports cite deficiencies..I now have putred sewer mold smell in my master bathroom.

When you take an infared light and place up against the walls there are over 7000 nail poppings and these shady people used Styrofoam to surround the base board of the home when you are supposed to use concrete they also painted the Styrofoam to make it look like it matched the siding. There is *** in my roof that was supposed to have been fixed and they used a Walmart bag to cover it...I am seeking a real estate lawyer to sue these bastards for breach of contract and using cheap materials to build my home with and price gouging..DO NOT BUY A HOME IN TURTLE CREEK I HAVE A FB page on my home damage and I want you all to know that I am also looking to SUE the City for allowing these developers to come in this town when they were banned years ago..Turtle Creek used to be a River not a swamp..as claimed by the supervisor .A RIVER all the homes there are built illegally and I have the State of Virginia Home Inspector to prove it. I have holes with 2 to 3 feet on the side of my home with water in it..from the river coming back my home is sinking back into the ground it has already dropped 2 feet since I moved in and I have foundation drywall cracks that show the property is moving. I have never in my life met such a derelict Real Estate Development and I wish that I would have never bought from these people.

I cannot wait to sue these people..the contractors are terrible and the work was so poor that my windows are now warped from them being set out in the rain..Do not buy a home from these people. They are CHEAP Deceptive and Poor Quality workmanship.

Reason of review: home was built illegal with fraudulent means and I want refund of whole home..

Monetary Loss: $304000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ryan Homes Pros: Floor plans, Location, Look of the home and layout.

Ryan Homes Cons: Poor quality defective materials water damage, Sales people lied, Willingness to accept responsibility for actions, Hiding the defects of the home under the surface, Electrical issues in the home.

Location: Newport News, Virginia

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