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They are lies at all the salesman and lone official people all they do is try to cheat u!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OK i live in Ocean County NJ with my wife and our children. We closed on our Ryan home in late 2011, we bought our home from the original owner who had the house built in 2000.

(Please Please Please) before you buy one of these homes do a complete inspection?? Let me start by telling you that our foundation was poured concrete we have a basement that has never given us a problem. The 1st level is supported by solid steel Ibeams so is the 2nd level. so far so good, no problems there.

Now here is where you must please BEWARE!!! We were having lots of problems with leaks during rain storms & standing snow????? we had these leaks where our windows were located above? so we had contractors come out and seal around our second level windows with no success.

then one day we had a siding guy come out to take a look, When he pulled some of our siding loose, OH MY GOD!!!! Our home was sheeted with cardboard all around the existing frame!!!!! that's right cardboard!! So this is what they Ryan homes did,when they built these homes instead of plywood or even compressed fippon board they used wax coated cardboard that comes in a big roll.

They affix it to the 2x4 Exterior framing with a staple gun.. That's right a staple gun. a night mare undetected by your home inspector unless he or she pulls your siding? and folks it was not even wrapped with Tyvex.

they then sided right over this cardboard.our insulation behind the walls was wet in many different spots,So now we gotta do something? We were told our home is not covered under the warranty anymore cause the transferable owners warranty was good for only 10 years. They further stated that they wouldn't sheet our home and wrap it anyway, because.... Are you ready for this??

This cardboard sheeting was approved by HUD!!!!!!! I blew a fuse. folks when the wind blew our walls shook!!! cant make this up.

I called the county building inspector a really nice guy He confirmed it and the guy felt horrible he told me that he hated it and knew it was a travesty but couldn't do anything about it!!!! So we since had our siding ripped and this cardboard pulled off by hand yes by hand that's how easy it was, exposing the 2x4s and the insulation. the contractor we hired sheeted our whole exterior with plywood and then wrapped the plywood with Tyvex house wrap. re taped all our windows and resided the whole house.

No more leaks or shaky walls with wind storms. Ryan homes built many, many homes throughout NJ using this cardboard. because they hid behind the reason that HUD approved it. before you buy a Ryan home in NJ or any other state have the inspection done by someone you hire not the real estate agent or the sellers.

YOU!!!! oh and please ask him or her to pull your siding