We were buying a Ryan home in Virginia at a complex called Virginia Manner and learned that we were lied to by our sales associate and the loan officer they assigned us to, you have to use their mortgage company to buy one of their homes, attempted to steal our second deposit and the mortgage rebate on our points. I spoke with the regional manager and V.P of operations who both not only did not apologize but told us they could do what ever they want.

I plan to press charges against their loan officer and sales associate and we are still waiting to get our deposit back. They tell us we need to sign a release form, but both the manager and V.P have refused to provide it. Bottom line is Ryan Homes and NVR, along with their mortgage side NVR Mortgage are liars and thieves. If you decide to buy a home from them make sure you request to have your own building inspector and settlement/title company finalize the paperwork and see how quickly they tell you that maybe they can't meat your expectations.

Honest hard working Americans should not have to deal with home sales companies like Ryan/NVR that are simply in business to rip people off. I wonder if their families know the crooks they are and if they can sleep at night.

Location: Seoul, Seoul

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Might be best not to say they rip off all buyers, because most buyers will say that isn't true, and Ryan Homes will use that contention to summarily dismiss the entire complaint as untrue. Did they lie to you? I have no doubt they did, as I've heard and witnessed it many times. It’s not really illegal for them to lie to you in most cases.

Things are spelled out in the contract, that is true. If all people really did read and understand them, they'd know they're mostly signing a waiver that allows Ryan homes and NVR to do pretty much whatever they want, and the buyer has most of the real obligations. These contracts aren't so much buyer agreements, they're decrees placed upon the buyer. Take one to a real estate attorney, if you have any doubts about this. People will still sign them because Ryan Homes is big, so they must be safe? That thinking ruined us, into being stuck with Ryan Homes nightmare.

So that’s why you got no apology and the comment "they could do whatever they want." Once you've signed you may get the feeling you're a valued customer or just a pawn in their profit scheme, as in your case. In either experience, both are still accurate descriptions of most any Ryan Homes buyer. Sure they want you happy, but their bottom lines require a whole lot of margin in some not so good to cut areas, and woe to the buyer who get’s in their way of that for any reason, as you are trying.

The buyer’s ignorance is Ryan Homes best friend. They can and will make you feel fully informed, but just to their specifications and benefit. This is why they don't build bad homes, (their belief) they just have a few bad buyers. This is from an almost entirely Ryan Homes trained staff that comes from soulless corporate manager types who demand employees sell it fast, build it fast, and ‘we don't care how you do it’ mentality. Their bottom feeder employees can go find a paycheck somewhere else if they don't fit the mold.

So it’s not fair to say they ripoff everyone just because you were lied to. If they can sell fresh ground road kill, and the customer is convinced it’s fresh ground grade A Angus beef, whose to say they're ripped off? Of course if people complain too much about the bad parts, as you may be doing here, you could get your deposit back. Some do it this way. Some got half. Some walked with nothing and are just thankful Ryan Homes is out of their life. As all those others, be thankful you're mostly out of the Ryan Homes scheme, as it could be much worse, but still hang in there on getting the deposit back. The rule of thumb on this is in practice, there isn't one.



You are a fool! I have read your Ryan Homes blog and you deserve to be sued for every penny you have.

Your site slams Ryan Homes yet everyone from state attorney offices to local TV thinks you are an arrogant *** and clearly wrong, as posted by the relies on your website. *** the local 12 response basically called you out for your attitude. You will jump on every site speaking about Ryan Homes and belittle the company.

As a self proclaimed expert of Ryan Homes, you need to learn how business works. I know you are an obvious democrat based on your site saying thank god Bush is out of office but, stop making people who work and try to get ahead pay for the ignorant such as yourself.


What was the issue that you needed to go to a different loan company. Everything is pretty well spelled out in the sales agreement.