Our home is leaking like a sieve. We just had our Insurance adjuster out and thought it may have been from the hail damage.

He took one look at our siding job and said it's the worst he has seen. We have a front door rotting, smells of mold. The kitchen window leaks we have to put towels on the counter to prevent it going on the floor. We replaced siding on the fireplace flu cause it melted.

Big deal is we now discovered we can actually see day light in the attic where the plywood has a gap. .

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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Water leaks, can you remove the manhole type cover and check the water meter? Make sure nothing is running from the house and check the meter.

If the meter is still moving, you can be sure you have a leak. You can cut off the main water supply from inside the house, and check the meter again. If stopped, definitely something from the house is leaking. If it's still moving it means someone damaged or cut the buried supply pipe while installing it.

I've seen this before, and yes, the water company will act like it's no big deal because they don't care.

In my case they had actually cut open the line on my side of the meter while fixing the meter. They wouldn't check into it claiming the extreme water use was normal, until I dig into it and found a *** leak in the ground.


*** Ryanhome *** building workmanship.

It leaks last night with thunder storm. I call *** Ryanhome, Those *** never on duty.

*** Liar.

DON"T BUY *** RYAN HOME. It is piece of ***.


I am so furious with Ryan homes.Right now at this moment something is terribly wrong with my water bills that I have been receiving , I am having High Water Bills which is driving me nuts. I need someone to reach out to me in authority to discussed this as you quoted that your bills per month should be averageing about $55-65 dollars a month .

please note I have proof that my bills are over $200 monthly and it is driving me nuts I close on november and since november until now My bills are over a $1100 which I have paid up to $500 with a huge balance of $500.00 still oweing. I have made several pleas but no help I have spoken to water company they told me if I was fulling a pool twice a week and have an irrigation system they could understand the reason for the usage I do not have either. I had the worst lawn in the neighbor hood my watering was pulled from my property before I moved into the new house , the most water that was used was in february where I was informed I used 21000 gallons of water and that was still winter I just started watering the lawn March 31St yet the water bill went down a little since then this is ridiculous. My Electric bill I have not paid not even $600 since I am living there for electricity Which is always in use with all the appliances that is plugged in.

I am willing to go to the last limit to have this dealt with beacuse I cant be working to pay bills for only water I do not have people at the house , I wash once a week I have two boys who are in school all day and and shower only once a day I am at work all day I guess my husband is at home turning all the pipes on all day and left to run why I have the ridiculous High water bills I need something to be done if they have to dig up the pipes to find out if I am paying for my neighbors water I wouild like to know . Talk to 2 of my neightbors who reported there bill is amount $30-50 dollars they still have the sprinkelers that comes on and off even in the christmas holiday yet they do not have this problem . I could go on and on someone just need to reach out to me other from Megan to have this dealt with.

Megan came and her findings is that there is none. My telephone number 718-300-9361 I will be gathering other docs over this weekend so that I can present this case to action nine news if that where I have to go to get some help by the 15th of this month.


I know of this problem from the victim, and it appeared RH customer service had already declined any service because it was past one year. But at least RH *** didn't lie by pretending to be a happy customer for once too bury a problem.

Many people write me and here after they are exasperated with customer service sending the same incompetents who built their home wrong to try to fix it, the warranty passes and they never got an actual fix. Hope this family gets different, since now you know your cheapness can no longer be easily buried.


Mr. Tobey,

Please contact us through MyRyanHome.com or by calling 877-550-RYAN, so that we may review the situation. We do not currently have an inquiry from you regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Ryan Homes Customer Service