My Bay window (Ryan Homes) shattered. My house is only 3 yrs.

old. Ryan Homes said the window was out of warranty. I contacted Patriot Windows they said the same thing. They claimed due to settling the window was not under warranty.

My homeowners deductible is $1,000. The window COST $900 to replace. Patriot windows are no darn good. The locks do not work on some of the windows.

Some windows are very drafty. I am disappointed about the windows.

Other than that I have no complaints about my Ryan home. I do feel Ryan Homes should have been more customer friendlier.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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I have a Ryan's Home built in 2001 here in DE. I have a cracked sash on a single hang window, but I've looked all over the window structure and cannot find the serial number or window manufacturer to order a replacement. Can anyone help?


Did you ever get an answer to your question about window serial numbers?


My Patriot windows in my Ryan home have failed as well, including the giant oval one in the front. The warranty period is still valid for me and the type of seal failures I've had are covered, but Patriot went out of business so the warranty is worthless!


If you have the 10 year warranty on the patriot windows for seal failure they are actually being replaced. Don't remember the name of the warranty company but I got the information from Ryan homes.

I just ordered mine.

I had to find and pay a glass company to measure and install.


Our Ryan home is 10 years old this fall. Patriot windows are definitely cheap.

I wouldn't recommend them. We have one that has water/fog in between 2 panes in the top fixed portion. Called for warranty at 866-518-4138, then pressed 2. Service rep took the information from the white sticker on the side of the tip-out portion of the bottom pane.

Said they would ship it out to us, but we would have to pay someone else to install it. Hopefully, it is delivered as promised.


PATRIOT Windows are very poor quality, cold in winter and hard to get repaired. I do not recommend!


I have patriot windows. One window currently has a crack from top to bottom.

The. other window has a leak and the bathroom window is drafty. Patriot windows are of poor quality. Cost me $14000,00 to replace my windows.

My home is built by Handler. Love the style, installation is terrible.





My home was built in 2004. All of my great windows in my stairwell, sunroom and foyer leaks badly. Secondly my great windows in my sunroom not only leak, they are cloudy because of a vacuum leak in between the glass.

Pissed Off


My home was built 2004 two of windows have a broken seal. They are made by Patriot and the house Ryan what should I do


You should call Patriot warranty department at 866-518-4138.


Their windows suck and so does Ryan/NVR Homes.


i have two of my windows crack and need to get fixed send out the window and ill put them in myself 330-309-7259



I have a Ryan Home with Patriot windows. GARBAGE.

Seals are broken, windows do not stay up, locks do not engage, hardware on windows fell off. I believe this company to be one of the most terrible maufactors out there.


They are 100% Energy Star homes independently certified. :?


Don't buy Patriot (owned by Ply Gem) windows, and don't buy a Ryan home if it has Patriot windows in it! I just called in a warranty claim for a seal failure on a big, arch-top picture window over my front entryway.

I was told by the rude customer service person that I would have to climb up on a ladder, 18' in the air, take measurements of the window (including an estimated radius of the arch top, draw in the complicated grid pattern, and e-mail my sketch to him. I own a standard Ryan "Waverly" model home. They have built thousands of them and all of the arch-top windows are exactly the same! I'm sure the guy knew exactly what type of window I was talking about.

He just wanted to make it as difficult as possible for me to make a warranty claim. It is obvious to me that this is Patriot's (now Ply Gem's) game plan. Save money by making it extremely difficult, if not impossible for past customers to make warranty claims. Then, on top of all that, I was told that I'd have to pay a professional window installer to install this huge piece of glass two stories up in my entryway (which will cost me several hundred dollars), and that I would need special equipment to unload the glass from the semi, since it would be far too heavy to carry!

Are you kidding me???

It is no surprise to me that Ply Gem is in financial trouble if this is how they treat their customers. Unbelievable!


the word class action comes to mind


I have a 4 year Ryan home and one sealed window in my family room has cracked due to settling. How can I get this replaced?

Everyone is telling me I out of warranty..that does not cover settling. Estimates for this small window is above $500.


yes! I agree my house is 13yrs old, built by Ryan Homes and my windows are terrible they leak and they wont lock, it should be against the law for a builder to get away with the junk they use to build houses. I'm calling Patriot windows.


I also have a Ryan Home with a cracked window. Both Ryan and Patroit told me it was due to settling.

What a bunch of ***! This is not my first new home, but it is my first window issue.

I don't want to lie about the seal, but I want this taken care of. Help!