im here to tell you the truth i worked for nvr ryan for 15 yrs and saw the *** that was being built if i or my other employees ever said anything we would be out of a job , isaw it happen many times . its all about profit and the *** with quality .

the plant we worked at we were doing 60 to 70 houses a week the quality was terrible was told keep pumping them out let the feild deal with it well im embarassed to say i sent *** out there .

tried to say something but was told keep quiet and enjoy the profit . well i myself and a few others are here to set it straight .

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Is this a joke? Ok Mr.

Anon - I'm not sure what plant (or should I say planet) worked at but here in the US there are strict building codes and practices. What.A.Phoney....Wow.


If it was not structurally sound how would it pass a framing inspection?? I am not sure what plant you worked at or where you were sending your material but I don't know any county/city where that would pass no matter who the builder is.


dont worry. plants will just bring in a bunch of temps to replace anyone falling out of line.

you should see the childish, collar up mammas boys in charge of sales. these guys will do anything for a dollar and their arrogant "teams". funny what a little free golf does to a persons morals.

sadly, there are good builders but they are asked to pump it out fast.

either that or be out of work. buyer always beware.


I competly agree I saw tons of mold and structual integrity problems including boards that were half rotted and more built in walls and trusses. I myself ignored the fact that no one cared and that it was all over looked just to meet a dead line and make that profit and that was only because when I started there the pay was great as well as the benifits.

But as the market went down they began to make any excuse they could think of to take money and benifits from every one that wasn't management so they wouldn't take a dime out of there pockets u know it would just be a shame if they had to sell one of there many cars or million dollar houses and sacrific like every other hard working american. And to mr "works at nvr; he or she sounds like one of the *** kissing yes men at the Thurmont plant they all have their heads so far up managements *** they don't have a clue what's really happens in production they just say yes sir and believe or do what ever their "work daddys" tell them to. I was eventually pushed out the door when I was tied of seeing them screw people over and make excuses and I started speaking up and telling it like it was they just didn't like the truth.

Basically the once respected NVR is now a dishonest ignorent company with a bunch of greedy crooks that run the show. I strongly advise anyone who is planning on working for or buying anything from please do your research so you to don't become a victim of NVRs greed.


Anyone know about the new homes they are bulding in washington,nj??


All you have to do is walk in one of their homes under construction to see the shotty material. They are the biggest joke in the industry and with the market change and other more luxury builders coming down in price they are not the only game anymore.

I am seeing them go through sales people like a hot knife in butter. Why? they can't sell the BS to educated well informed buyers.

Ryan homes only cares about the bottom line. Anyone that purchases from them will get what they deserve.


He's right. NVR uses *** products now.

Half the stuff they use comes from China. A lot of the issues with our houses tend to come from shoddy contractors tho


I dont know what plant you were at. We rock out over 100 weekly with great quaility.

If we run across an issue we fix it right then. I wonder what plant you worked at and why your name is anonymous


Give him a break. Sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes they need a job and realize if they are let go someone else will be there to fill their shoes.

So in the end, the same *** would go out. I'm glad he is here to tell the truth.


if it's so bad, why did you stay with them for 15 years?