All you unhappy home owners of Ryan Homes lets start a class action lawsuit. My husband and I have had a lot of problems with our Ryan Home, some serious!

We are nervious about what is to come. Our house

is only 15 months old.

Location: 2462 Pepper Branch Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37128, USA

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Agreed! How do we make this happen?


Just moved in, only a week, floor cracked, garage door out of alignment, cabinet over kitchen counter top falling off, dry wall holes, unskilled paint job on dry wall. Asking for $15000 for backsplash tile installation, are they installing gold?

$12000 just to route internet/cable wiring to basement heater room. Unreasonable pricing, more like random.


i live in TN, can we come together ?


Same thing happening here in Suffolk Virginia I'm another pissed off Ryan Home customer new construction poor quality problems with the roof the windows wind blowing through the windows as if you were Outdoors uneven flooring ceramic tile grout cracking haven't been in the home a good year and several other issues Ryan Homes Boyd construction here in Suffolk Virginia they're focused on quality and not quality I concur less file a class action lawsuit and shut them down


My husband and I are living in a Ryan Home nightmare for about 5 years now and can't afford to sell it. But I would feel guilty selling this piece of *** to anyone so it feels like we are stuck in this shoebox size townhouse nightmare!


We are having the same problems. Our house less than 3 years old.

What do we need to do? Ronaldcombsjr@yahoo.com


We are having the same problems and my home is only 14 months old


Please contact me - 508-446-5578. I have a list of 25 people in SC who have homes that are about 5 years old with lots of annoying noise and squeaking in the upstairs floors. We all want it fixed.


I am living the Ryan homes nightmare myself. I hate them all. They suck.


I just move in to a new Ryan home on 30th August 18. Am already seeing cracks in some parts of the master bedroom and I can barely get out of my drive way since its a construction area.

They're just building this 'boxes' called house blocking the roads.

Am really scared reading all this negative comments. I worked hard to save money to buy this house


Call me and I will start with you. 6462504420


I don't think Ryan Homes should be able to get away with such evil cruel stuff like cheating people out of thousands of dollars. We need help to end such madness.


Let's do it


I had nothing but problems during the four years that I had owned a Ryan home. It was one thing after another.

Those homes were not built to last fifty or more years. Selling that house was the best thing that I ever did. I suggest that you do the same. If a lawyer was to take on a class action suit against Ryan.

He would make all of the money leaving the homeowners in not much better shape before they started.

The way to hurt Ryan is by reaching as many potential customers to those disasters. Hurting Ryans bottom line might just force them to build a better home than the handyman specials that they are cranking out now.