If I could give Reunion Town homes no stars, I most certainly would. This process has been a catastrophe from the start, and I wish I had known what I know now, before my husband had signed the papers.

My husband and I signed the paperwork March 10th, of 2016, and hadn't really had any problems with the process. My husband doesn't have the best credit in the world, and we were going to try to bring it up before closing the deal. We found out when we went to the Loan Officer that currently he does not qualify for a loan, due to some debts that needed to be paid off. Fast forward a few weeks, and we are told that we have to make a flooring appointment, along with an audio/electronics appointment as well. We found out at our flooring appointment that we couldn't make any changes to the townhouse, much to our chagrin. We picked out the selections for the audio and video options that we wanted in the house, and we got on with our lives, until recently.

My husband and I have decided to part ways, and one of the things we were concerned about was the townhouse. Financially, my husband will not be eligible for the loan by himself, seeing as he is an E-3 in the Navy. If he and I separated, he would no longer make BAH, and would have to live either back on the ship, or in barracks as per Navy policy. My husband and I, even though we are separating, are still amicable with one another; and today, while he was on the phone with Ashley Green, I could tell that he was getting upset and was distressed. I asked what was going on, and he told me the situation. We tried explaining this to Ashley Green, who is the sales representative, and that we were no longer interested in buying the townhouse, simply because he could not afford it if we separated.

Today, May 1st, 2016, my husband received a phone call from Ashley Green, who promptly told my husband that they had transferred us to another building lot, and that he needed to sign some papers in order to finish the process. Ashley also told my husband that he needed to provide her with official separation papers, declaring our intent to get a divorce. Now, after doing some research, Virginia does not award legal separation papers to couples that decide to do so. After hearing this, I honestly was so disgusted with Ashley that I didn't want to keep working with her or anyone at Ryan Homes - Reunion. But wait, it gets better.

After I tried to civilly speak to Ashley about our frustrations, she got very nasty with my husband and I. Because my name is not on the loan or on any of the paperwork, (minus the title/deed) I guess I'm not supposed to have a say in anything. Ashley essentially told me that because my name isn't on any of their paperwork, I had no business in what my own husband and she were talking about. She continuously cut me off after I tried to explain to her that he and I were going through a rough time, and that we were getting upset because all she cared about was getting her commission from the house sale.

At this point, my husband and I were getting frustrated with Ashley Green, because no matter what he and I had said to her, she insisted that he was still eligible for the townhouse, and would be able to pay for it without his BAH. I was also starting to get frustrated and visibly distressed, because Ashley Green kept insisting that we were wrong. She told us that everyone in the military gets BAH, no matter their rank or marital status. When my husband and I tried to contest this, Ashley referred to a website, stating that the BAH policy is common knowledge. She told us that we were wrong, and that she had multiple single E-3's in the community who were able to buy the house and make the payments just fine.

For nearly $260,000+, we are being treated like ***, not getting the home we wanted, and everything is about the money. I would rather lose the $500.00 earnest money deposit that we gave them, than be forced to own a home that neither he nor I want anymore, and that he can't afford. Screw this place, save your time and actually invest in a company that cares about its client's wellbeing and happiness, such as Chesapeake Homes. I wish we would have seriously looked into them before all of this mess.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

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Are you an ***? Maybe you two should have thought about that before purchasing a $260,000 home with e-3 pay, and unstable marriage, and bad credit... This does not reflect poorly on Ryan homes at all!


You are in legal violation for sharing personal information and as a representative of Ryan Home and/or NVR mortgage (which is the same), you lack professionalism and only reinforces the lack of integrity


YES, this is not the right way to treat anyone!