Someone reported my post. So it was removed for not following "community standards", whoever reported it, (we can all think of who) can contact me directly.

Until then, I will post this everyday from 365 different Facebooks if I have to. I followed standards. You didn't. PLEASE share this.

Blow the web up with it! Ok... I may have lost my ***, a little bit. Here is THE e-mail: To whom it SHOULD concern, I have been told that Ryan Homes takes great pride in all their work and especially their approach to customer service.

I have questioned this many times throughout our dealing with Ryan homes, from the lying salesman we dealt with (honestly we expected that to be the case so not a big deal) to the "supervisor" who rushed us through our dry-wall walk through (while I was 8 months pregnant)...but I held on to hope and when we moved in my expectations were blown away. We loved our home instantly. Including all of the dirt and tools left behind from the folks who came to fix all the blue tape issues from our final walk through. We were in a hurry though, since we did NOT get our keys at closing because someone else failed to do their job on time, and so we didn't give much thought to the dirt left in our home or the fact that it was wide open with no one in it, though they appeared to have been there working the same day we were supposed to move in.

Again, we didn't put a lot of thought in to it. You see, when we moved in, we brought our 6 week old newborn with us. And I was and still am recovering from surgery, and trying to manage a chronic illness with chemo like medications so a little dirt on the floor, not being able to enter our home after closing, these were things we could look past because we finally had our own space. We didn't have to share with my father anymore, in one room, and our dog and cat would be returning to the house in a few short days, so everything was really, really nice.

We were in love. But now I sit here, under a gaping hole in my ceiling, on one of the two chairs we have left from the original 3, resting on sub-flooring because less than 10 days after we moved in, it started raining in our kitchen. I went to take a shower before bed, as I do every single night of my life for about 15 minutes and the next thing I know my husband is screaming at me to get downstairs. I come downstairs and promptly fall injuring my knee and head, due to the puddle of water that has accumulated all over our brand new hardwood floors, and even then, I was still trying to be positive.

At least I wasn't carrying the baby when I fell, I told myself. Then the next day came. ServPro came out and installed dehumidifiers and fans every where. To the point where I could not hear my in-laws (who were trying to visit us in our new home and meet their granddaughter) while they were standing a foot away from me.

Again, I tried to be positive. At least they came out so quickly. A few days later, the day my in-laws left, we sat around waiting for people to come work on the house and I watched them rip up the hardwood floors, the tile floors, and a few hours later I watched some plumber with his *** crack hanging out cut holes in my ceiling and bedroom wall. That was over a week ago.

And now here I sit, under that hole in the ceiling, with reminders of the multiple nails I have had stuck in my feet every time I run to make a bottle whenever I move my feet on the lower bar of one of the chairs that was not destroyed and you know what? I'm not feeling so positive anymore. In fact, I'm feeling pretty pissed off. We took a gander at our electric bill which was through the roof from all of the dehumidifiers and fans.

I don't have floors. We injure ourselves trying to feed our child on a daily basis, I haven't slept in my bed in a week because I need to be close to the bathroom at night and we don't have a toilet in ours, or floors for that matter. My cat has been stuck in the hole in the wall in our bedroom, the dog has had a nail stuck in his paw. My precious, sweet newborn has been exposed to chemicals, loud noises, strange men, and kept from napping multiple days at a time all for what?

There is still "known cause" for the leak, and absolutely no rush to repair any of this *** show that is our home. Oh also, I've been on *** meds this entire time. My hair is falling out. My house is a mess.

My baby is not at ease because her parents are not at ease because this? Is not a home. This, is a confined torture chamber that YOU have created and called a home. I write this because I have been told Ryan Homes WANTS to hear from us.

They WANT to hear from the customers. So here you go. What do I want in return? Pay my electric bill.

Those were not my fans nor my dehumidifier, though my baby did get sick from all the dry air, so thanks for that. I did not make it rain from my shower magically on the 9th time I took one. I did not need to destroy my new furniture, which I expect to be replaced. Also, how about you guys pay for part or all of the mortgage this month, because this is YOUR home.

Until I have floors, and I can come and go as I please without waiting on some work crew, and I can feed my child without it being a blood bath on my feet, this is not OUR home. This is Ryan Homes house, though you wouldn't know it because you have surely taken your time with repairs. I do want to leave a standing ovation for Phil. He has been the most pleasant to work with, though you can tell he is stretched thin because from what we see looking from the outside in, is that he also does Chris' job.

Because none of us want to deal with Chris. We received approximately ZERO updates from Chris during the building process, and I'm fine with that because Chris, is an @$$hole. He is arrogant and has no respect for the people he works for and I never want to see him in my house again unless its to apologize for his *** attitude and insulting bumper sticker that he leaves on his truck parked in front of my house everyday, where he sits playing on his cell phone about 90% of the time, yet the neighborhood Facebook is riddled with people trying to reach him and he can't seem to find the time to get back to them. Meanwhile Phil is running all over he11s acre trying to do everything for everyone with a smile on his face.

Give that man a raise. You need him. He is single handily the only reason I am writing this letter and you aren't receiving one from a lawyer, yet. All of that being said, I truly am a really reasonable and fair person and we would love to speak with someone further about all of this so we can get things back on the right track.

Prior to the "renovation" a week into our living here, we do love our home. But enough is enough, the buck stops here. It wouldn't hurt if someone could speak to the rest of our neighbors too, as nearly all of us have had leaking issues now and maybe there is something that can be done to prevent these issues in the future. Add on: My husband spoke with RiteRug today, who informed him they cannot come fix the floors until next week.

I am needing further treatment, and my family will be in town Monday to help me out around the house and I would appreciate not having to worry about them having bloody feet as well. So I called RiteRug myself, and did not enjoy the conversation nor did I accomplish anything. I regretfully reached out to Phil, who is already incredibly busy and he said he would see what he can do, and I'm positive he will but I shouldn't have had to bother Phil. It should have been as simple as explaining the situation to RiteRug and receiving help.

And honestly, it might be time to reevaluate your relationship with RiteRug anyway because the tile in my showers and kitchen looks like 5 teens came in on 4/20 with a pack of beer and slapped it up there, there are many complaints on our neighborhood Facebook page and RiteRug was asked about this to which they responded "that is acceptable work"...oh, ok. If I wanted *** looking tile I would have installed it myself. Also, if you guys need about a month worth of trash and baby diapers, we've got you covered, because we haven't had trash pick up since we moved in. Our garage smells amazing.

There isn't a great system for move in on who to call for what, so we received the wrong trash can, and the guys refused to pick the trash up when they came Friday because their boss told them they couldn't. A folder/packet for people moving in may prove helpful in the future, unless you really want us to start mailing you diapers. As of this morning, I am ready to move out. My husband and I are fighting, because I feel like he is allowing us to get walked all over and its really not his fault.

Its the situation you have put us in. I understand you guys enjoy money, and that's great, we ALL do, but you are dealing with peoples livelihoods here, take it seriously. I swear I am not always such an @$$hole, I really am a nice person, but I am so fed up. We worked hard for this, this was supposed to be our home, we were excited, and instead here we are getting *** all over because you guys cannot get your act together.

How would you like it if it were YOUR house and YOUR family? You wouldn't. If you could remember that and take it in to the consideration in the future while you're slapping these homes up left and right, you might actually end up making a little more money, but hey, who am I. I'd like to encourage my friends to build with you guys in the future, but they're all watching this and I'm half tempted to start meeting people at the models and telling them to RUN.

Please take this seriously. You have pushed me and my little new family, to our breaking point. This was not the start to 2017 we wanted or deserved. Sincerely, "That" Wife from Williamson Park Lane Smithfield, VA 23430 (Benn's Grant) Also known as, Charlotte Roettges #RyanHomes #pissedconsumer #FML #momneedstequila Update: Huge thanks to Phil, he is on top of things as always and as always, super kind and pleasant.

The drywall is being repaired today by a really nice guy and the floors will be begin repairs tomorrow! All thumbs up for that guy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is my neighbor...Apparently, the drawers and toilet seats in our master bathroom make so much noise that she can never sleep. However, we never hear their drawers or toilet seats...we must have one sided insulation...darn you Ryan Homes for installing one sided insulation...lol.


What are you writing here? War And Piece?

You lost me with every detail in and around and what even you ate for breakfast in this complaint. You ramble so much in this review that rather than feel sorry for you and mad with Ryan, I feel sorry for your husband that has to listen to you.

Ryan must have customer service operators quit after taking a call from you.