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Absolutely do not let Ryan homes build your home. This is absolutely the cheapest built house I have ever lived in. We have 400 nail pops, cracks, we can see beams...the walls have shifted and come apart from the ceiling.

The carpet is pretty much just laid down, you can pull it right up. The floors squeak and crack.

No insulation at all. We can hear every noise outside.

We are very tempted just to sell this thing and we were going to stay long term.

Not sure how we would sell it because our assessment came back 25000 less then what we financed...and did I mention as soon as we moved in eagle harbor started cutting the woods along route 17 to put more apartments, right in front of a 400-500,000 dollar neighborhood.

Oh and their project manager told us this is the type of house we get for 400,000. He said 'it wasn't like its a custom built house'

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Carrollton, Virginia

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We all need to file a class action lawsuit