I purchased a home from Ryan homes to be built with ceiling fan outlet prewired for all my bedrooms and varius other rooms. Being a new home I didn't furnish all the rooms and am now in the process of install ceiling fans in my bedrooms to find out that they didn't prewire my home for ceiling fans like I requested and paid extra for.

They installed two switches and made a conscious effort to make it appear as though they properly wired the home when in fact they intentional defrauded me. I only have one black wire at the ceiling fan receptacle instead of two( one for light and one for fan).

Now to have the home retired properly I'm going to have to repair drywall and repaint and have the correct wiring installed. Costing me a couple of thousands of dollars.

Monetary Loss: $8500.

Location: Beavercreek, Ohio

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I purchased a Ryan Home in Beavercreek 15 years ago. I can vouch for the fact the they intentionally mislead and lie to you.

We have spent thousands of dollars over the past 15 years replacing and repairing the shoddy work that was done in our home.


You should have his listed in your spec sheet. If its listed then you should be able to have Ryan go back and redo for fans.

There are 3 switches for rooms with ceiling fans. If you proceed without going back to Ryan then you will foot the bill.

Not their fault if you don't show them that you paid for it but its not right and you don't point it out, even now. We've found them to go above and beyond in Lorain , Ohio County


Did you not notice this during any of your walk-throughs? Also a room prewired for ceiling fans would have 3 switches not 2 (1 for light, 1 for fan and 1 for switched outlets).

Not sure it's fraud more-so lack of observation.