Independence, Ohio
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My Ryan Home is less than 4 years old. I'm in the process of trying to sell (taking a huge loss on the property as it is) and had an alarming inspection report.

The house has 3 different areas with severe water damage. 2 windows including their sills and frames are completely ruined and need replacing. Also, the front door does not have adequate weather proofing which has caused damage to the base boards surrounding the door. Not to mention the possible damage to the floor boards that we can't see.

Both the driveway and the front walk way have a sunken base layer, causing the concrete to lift, creating trip hazards! Even the plastic foundation wrap has separated from the house! What's the point of house wrap that wasn't properly attached? They also didn't out enough backfill around the entire house to allow for water to drain properly.

Don't build with Ryan Homes. You will regret it. I can't sell my house for $30,000 less than what I purchased it for. These problems should not be happening to a home that is less than 4 years old.

Beware of Ryan Homes. They build the cheap way, not the right way.

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