I purchased a Ryan home in 2005. What a major disappointment.

The trouble began from day one with the closing. NVR mortgage and Ryan homes are one in the same. Be careful. After construction, my punch list consisted of approx.

100 items to be repaired or finished.(i.e. no insulation in the attic). As of today there are about 90 items that were never addressed. It is impossible to get a supervisor or manager on the phone.

Ryan Homes is all about making money they do not care about the customer.

Please be careful they will hurt you. Trust me

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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We have had a Ryan home for four years and just found out the dishwasher had a crack in it this whole time. Now we need to have 7 feet of our floor taken our and the island is starting to buckle.

Also there is mold and the floor is rotted.

Ryan claims they will not cover anything. This is so sad because I actually met Ed Ryan 20 years ago and I am sure this is not what he had in mind for his companay.


We are purchasing a home from Ryan Homes. I have read several blogs about them and am writing on myself.

So far I have been extremely pleased. We have 2 family members that build homes,and both said Ryan Homes are a reputable company as a whole.

I have noticed almost all the problems with Ryan Homes have happened in the North and I live in the south. I also know that hardly anyone goes online to talk about good experiences.

They just move on with their lives. You'll always find more bashing than good online about ANYTHING (homes, tvs, surgeries, ect.) Just something to keep in mind!

And yes, ALL home builders have their share of complaints. The bigger the company the more the complaints.


Today is final decision to buy Ryan Home and I read the complaints. I have 2nd thought. Thanks for your advice.


had a list about the same when we moved into our home Dec 1999..... To this day we still have leaky windows in the morning room, uneven floors, cracks in walls around windows, foundation cracks ( already had 3 repaired) had to replace front door and sidelites, and the list goes on and on...........


My husband and I are seriously considering purchasing a NV Home in the OakCreek community of Prince George's County. Does anyone have any suggestions for us?


they treated me badly,

Ryan homes is terrible.

The mortgage NVR homes offers are very tricky and high percentage.I am really a fool to invest on Ryan home in ellicott city with so many issue in house..nothing they commited turned out.i have 20 in punch list to repair.they just ignore you.i have put my whole saving of my life into this.,very bad!




Well "b w p m" if these complaints are normal regardless if builders, then why does Ryan have the most complaints on the internet in almost every city they build? Where are the Toll Brothers, Pulte etc... complaints?


Its ashame people do more research on televisions they buy than on probably the biggest purchase of their lives. Hey Joe if you did any research on new construction you would find nail pops are normal, and seperation in the trim yeh thats settlement and caulking that is drying out all normal things that even million dollar houses go through.

The slop in your back yard, you have to connect point a to point b somehow if point b is higher or lower than point a this will create a slope. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The truth is that yeh there can be issues with any home or any product.

I just find it unbelievable the majority of the issues you people complain about are normal. I also love how everyone thinks they no what they are talking about yet they obviosly know nothing.


I have been fed up with the endless problems with our townhouse. We dropped nearly $350,000.00 into this piece of poorly modernized construction.

It has been nothing but headaches and I fear it will never be able to retain its cost. From the sloping in the backyard, to the i-beam becoming visible in the ceiling. Nails are popping out left and right, to vast separations in the molding...

I am hoping to organize some type of awareness against how terrible of a company Ryan Homes are to deal with.

I think people will greatly benefit, from knowing what they are going to get themselves into. If anyone is interested in helping make this statement, please let me know.


i worker as a sub for ryan doing trim work and service work with settleing home issues I know that some of the ounch out guys are extremely lazy sorry you had to get one of them I would suggest contacting the service dept to see what they can do to get the puch out list finished.


I bought a Ryan home in PA ten years ago this week. I am thrilled with the home and plan to buy another in the future.

I am sorry you had such a horrendous experience.


Apparently back in 2005, things were very different with Ryan Homes. I just bought one 6 months ago in the White Marsh Maryland area, and they have what is called a Customer Involvement Program now.

It kept me and my wife very informed throughout the process, and we seriously could not be more happy with the final product. Obviously we had a few things to be touched up - but the project manager went over this with us at the Pre-settlement Demonstration and the service department got it done.


Just let someone who is happy with their Ryan Homes home, or an employee posing as a satisfied customer, tell you about their “good” experience. By their logic your issues are cancelled out, and you should be fine.

That’s what we hear from them. Sad the American public actually buys a house from anybody based on fair statistics, as if selling a nightmare on occasion is an acceptable part of doing business with Ryan Homes.