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My husband and I decided to purchase a new townhouse with Ryan homes we were told we would get an interest rate of 5.00% (they had money to buy our rate down to that) so we brought an earnest deposit of $10K and signed the initial paperwork. Come time to do the finance paperwork the interest rate we were promised was higher bumping out payments up thus making it more than we could afford we decided to pull out one week after doing initial paperwork.

Now Ryan homes is trying to keep our deposit - we are military family that is our whole life savings!!

I could understand if they began construction and then we pulled out but they hadn't even sold out the whole building yet and hadn't even submitted for permits. so bottom line is be very careful when dealing with Ryan homes and make 100% sure this is what you want also I do not suggest giving them any money until you do financing first

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: New York, New York

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Don't buy a Ryan Home!!!! We have had an ongoing issue with an improperly sealed exterior that has been causing water damage!!!

We now have rotten wood, a window where the insulation has warped and a front door frame that is now warped and causing major issues. Instead of stepping up and fixing the problem, the guy who is responsible for our development told me Ryan Homes will do nothing to help and that it is my fault. Even though we caulked the thing EVERY year, the problem continued to persist and we had them come out numerous times to fix, but it never was fixed properly. The independent contractor we brought out to look at this also said that Ryan Homes did not fix this properly.

Very dissapointed in the lack of customer service and the attitude I received. again DO NOT BUY A RYAN HOME!!!!


This site is called "pissedconsumer" not happy with Ryan Homes and NVR consumers. They have their own expensive websites that tell how wonderful they think they are.

But yeah they are getting a big bad rep on the net, so they have to do promo on the complaint sites too? I've never gone to a gripe site to praise a company, but I'm not a useless ***.


I've been living in a Ryan Townhome for over 16 years. I love it.

I wish I could have stayed with NVR mortgage, it changed hands like 5 or 6 times over the years!LOL! like all mortgage companies, they sell off to different companies, and end up in some BIG company's hands. Now I'm stuck with big fat CHASE bank. disgusting.

but a smaller balance amount left, by now..sigh..anyway, most of us in this neighborhood are mostly unhappy with the cheap old appliances we got stuck with, and have to replace..air conditioners, and the way they were thrown in, the freon tubing in the walls many had been pierced by nails that moved with settling. were located near gas fireplaces. check that out!!also, check installation of furnaces carefully. they should be FLAT.

The appliances were the biggest issues for most people, in addition to the drainage on the roofing and where the gutters are not lined up. They are just for decor, they never really work. Drainage always an issue too. watch that.make sure water goes away from the house.

otherwise, we were happy with the construction and materials. We got the best tile and good hardwood doors and floors. very nice, for townhomes at the time. good prices and values at the time.

The homeowners asociation we formed was the WORST thing anyone ever concocted in the UNIVERSE.

There is such hostility among single family dwellers and townhome dwellers. definitely there is inequality and discrimination, they want to pin more of the fees on the townhomes when they benefit more from the landscaping!ridiculous!they think they can get away with it!


Nothing but generallyhpositive experiences with Ryan and NVR for us here in Western NY so far. Any building process will have some issues, but nothing significant for us.

Our walk-thru is tomorrow and closing in 3 days. They had no problem accommodating us for a pre-closing home inspection as well.


I am military and have been stationed around the world and back again. Now, for those who put down tens of thousands of dollars, please learn to negotiate. Remember they want to sell you a house, you probably already live in a place, so they have the burden and not you.

As for dealing with NVR, I had the worst experience with the finance folks. They lost the paperwork, told me that I never submitted it and all. Here is a secret for this, digitally scan and email the paperwork. Then when they say you never sent it, forward the original email to them again and every time they want the paperwork, forward it again. This will give you a trail on the number of times that you had to send it.

Now, for us a couple days before closing, we went from getting $2000 back at closing to oweing $1500. The issue wasn't necessarily just the money, they wanted a cashier's check and we deal with USAA as a bank in Texas. So, we had to deposit a check locally, wait for it to clear, and then get the money.

Was the time with NVR good? Absolutely not. Just like other posts, your selling agent cannot promise you a rate, they don't know your credit or the market when you will close. If it is that urgent for the rate, by an already constructed house, lock in and move in.

As for Ryan Home builders, they have been great, but remember you are no the only house they have. Be patient and work with them. The Project Managers worked with us, helped us out to we transitioned out of that phase and now the support agents have been great with the small stuff.

It has been a year, the roof is still up and my wife is still smiling. Sounds like a good sale and purchase to me.

Be blessd and pray for your workers on your house and be patient with folks; niceness goes a long way in life.


Just the idea of promising a rate well before the lock period seems very strange to me. I have no idea whether or not other places do this, but from other people's comments it seems like if you are counting on getting a certain rate from NVR you need to make sure it is explicitly stated in your purchase agreement.


Many posts on sites that review Ryan homes that contain complaints are riddled with wonderfully happy customers, who tend to have either the same names or the grammer is almost identical. Persons posting on these sites claiming that the positve posts are from Ryan employees is correct!

It is pathetic that they have people posting phony posts in an attempt to discredit legitimate complaints from "real" consumers! :(


Ryan is not all bad folks. They provide NVR as a convenience but you don't have to use them. Personally I had no trouble with them at all.

My experience with the whole process was quite good. I got the rate they promised; the construction proceeded on schedule; The closing was on time; The construction was everything I should have expected. You can't beat the floorplans and because the structure is factory cut there is little room for error.

A couple of things to remember. Ryan doesn't own the land being built on. They just build homes. The only employees of Ryan are the Job Managers; the workers are all local subcontractors (lowest bid).

The problem we have at Hearthstone at Woodfield is that the developer (not Ryan) is failing to be responsive once Ryan pulls out because most of the sites are sold. We still have lots of issues on the public space and grading issues on some home sites that need to be resolved. The responsibility to get that done falls on the HOA or home owners association. By the time the job is done, that body is made up entirely of residents.

As has been stated by others, there are pit falls so make sure you read the fine print and understand everything before you sign. Ryan is one of the best and one of the most successful because of their business model. You get a great house for the price. Make sure you get everything shaken out in the first year. Ryan will be responsive in that period of time.


cases and point. The soon becoming world famous NVR mortgage scam.

And sure Ryan Homes can build a kit cheap that will often stand. The question always is, will they?


My wife and I just pruchased a home with Ryan. They too told us that they were offering 5.85% because they had money to buy down the rate.

However, when it came to financing time now our rate is 6.85%. Everytime they came bakck to us the price kept going up.

I would suggest NOT using NVR at all. We are currently looking else where because they are extremely untrustworthy


I've worked in the bobcat business for 15yrs. 7 with Ryan.

If you don't trust Ryan go somewheres else and waste your money on another production house, cause I work for the others and see the way there build and no one can build a house as good as a Ryan for the same money.

There supt. are trained and schooled in every aspect of building a house.


I am a recent Ryan Home purchaser. I was quoted a rate that was above my final rate.

You cannot lock in your rate until 170 days prior to closing. You cannot possibly expect a lending firm to accuratly predict furture market rates.

Your rate could have just as easily have gone down in that time. I'm sure you wouldn't have been complaining on the Internet if this would have happened.


Oops sorry Riley... I meant Jaybird and Taylor. Funny how they both wrote the same thing....


I find it ironic that poster Bart and Riley are all over the internet defending Ryan Homes. You are full of it. You are actually employees of this organization.


I was given everthing Ryan/NVR promised. Unfortunately, I think most people go into this uninformed about how financing and home construction works.

Ryan does an admisrable job "teaching" the lay person, but come on folks, you need to do some research on your own and understand how things work. NVR would not "promise" a 5% interest rate without collecting a rate lock fee and approving your credit in advance.

NVR for all purposes is a broker...yes, they do loan money, but they sell that loan within months of financing you. NVR only loans you money if they can't get you a loan somewhere else first. It's impossible to promise something (rate lock) without thier preferred banking partner approving your loan and credit first.

"Earnest" moeny should have never been offered without the financing in place. Again, you need to be an informed consumer BEFORE you go in and make a poor decision....and frankly, if your life savings is $10K, you SHOULD NOT be buying a house (let alone building one)...get an apartment, save money, and educate yourself on the home buying/building process.


I was promised 6.25 and got 7.75 after six months. I now Ryan sales the mortgage on the closing day, so it behooves them to have a high interest rate. Also, I was told I would get a Veterans loan and a few weeks before closing, they said I was stuck with 100% finance and PMI was added. NO 8/20 possible. They promised I could refi later, but the market went down since. They told my I would have 20% equity at closing, but now I have about 20% negative.

NVR mortgage is basically a scam. The service never returned my calls. They had me locked in, so they did not work for me. I now know to get the APR and final payment in writing. My payment went up about 600.00 from what they put on paper.

Another issue is the HOA, probably owned by Ryan Homes is Claggett of Maryland. I have never met the HOA in two years and my monthly rates were wrong. I was told 40, but it became 50. Also, they manipulate the budget by charging all communities for the website page. They only have one website. Also, Claggett left us snowed in the last two winters. They took pictures of my trash cans two hours too early. Claggett HOA is basically a harrassment/landlord parasite collecting money with no representation. We pay HOA and county to pick up trash. Only county does.

Buyer beware.

On a positive note. The quality is above average on the build. Their best thing is their floor plans.


I got the 5% rate lock. Was happy. sorry to hear about your expereince.


Always ask them to put down what they promised to you in writing as part of the contract that you are signing as contingencies in the purchasing agreement.


Hi. Sorry to hear about your mishap. I was also promised a 5% rate but they followed through....