The property and landscaping is a dogs paradise. Ryan Homes and Wentworth Management describe their condos and town homes as luxury living at affordable prices.

It appears to be neglected property. There's no assigned dog run or dog park. The residents bring their dogs by your home to relieve themselves. Quite often, the pet owner will not pick up the droppings.

The pet urine is the most damaging. The grass is visibly damaged around sign posts, fire hydrants, and curb side lawn. The smell is also quite pungent. Neither the home builder or property management make any effort to prevent this behavior.

Buyer Beware!

Location: Reston, Virginia

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It's not the builders fault if your neighbor has a dog that uses your yard to go to the bathroom. Pleeeeeaaaaase! Maybe you should put up a fence if it bothers you that much.


My guess is this is Al that lives in River's Edge the Ryan Homes development he is a retired police officer that hates dogs and complains about them non-stop.


what a ***. ever hear of a homeowners association?


You have neighbors who do not clean up after their dogs? And you are mad at Ryan Homes?

You sir are a fool. If I knew where you lived I would come by and relieve myself in your yard also!