I have been in a Ryan home for 5 years and I have had MAJOR leaks every year - front door, bay window, roof in 4 places, etc. I've had the same leak around 2 separate windows "fixed" seven, yes seven times.

It still leaks and they won't return my calls any longer and they tell me it's my problem now. If you are considering purchasing a Ryan or NVR home and you've gotten to this post you must have seen the thousands of similar stories online from unsuspecting buyers just like my family.

I hope the abundance of horror stories gives you reason to seriously consider whether Ryan and NVR are a wise choice. Knowledge is power, if you are willing to apply what you know.

Location: Bel Air, Maryland

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I can sympathize with Ryan customers who got stuck with these ***-boxes, but my advice to most people would be to simply steer clear of new houses. Since buyers have almost no recourse in many states and builders can always just put all their money in the mattress and declare bankruptcy (as the builder of my parent's house did), it's better to buy a house that's been around long enough for the repairable problems to have been fixed and for the un-repairable ones to become obvious.

I hear of many problems with vinyl siding, OSB and caulking, exactly the things I associate with shoddy construction. A properly flashed window shouldn't need any caulking to avoid water leaks (caulk should only be needed to stop air leaks); OSB can be protected, but if it gets wet, it quickly becomes "vertical mulch". Vinyl siding is so ugly it's hard to imagine a builder with any pride using the stuff; if you see a neighborhood that is slathered with it, you don't want to live there; it's also a fire hazard unless it's put up over exterior gypsum board.

My condo was originally built as a rental unit. No one would call it "high end", but the exterior walls are solid masonry, the bathrooms are fully ceramic tiled and nothing leaks :) .


IMO, you got the key point so many fools never get. Ryan Homes does criminally negligent things with impunity.

Sue them and even if you win, you lose. Warranty claims, totally at their discretion. You can't fix cheap, at least not cost effectively. It's not worth doing.

So you're left with the Internet boards, and they're defeating common sense truth from actual victims with a glut of literally deliriously happy, mindless customers and employees posing as.

Shiny surfaces don't make a new house great. There's no substitute for quality materials and skilled workers.


I have noticed that our outside walls do not seem to be insulated either. The bedrooms at either end of the house upstairs are always very cold or very warm.

These would be the rooms with two outside walls. Our bay window leaks too. It leaked badly during construction, as well.

They neglected to hook up a generator to the sump pump while they were working, and when it rained hard, there was several inches of standing water in the entire basement - the furnace and hot water tank sat in this for several days before they got rid of the water.

I didn't really want to buy a mud-filled basement, but they couldn't seem to manage cleaning up their mess. They just layed the carpet and pad right over it.


I am very disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of Ryan’s bay windows. The rain has been penetrating where the bay window attaches to the house.

The water has damaged the drywall, ceiling, and paint. I feel Ryan needs to reevaluate the installation and/or design of this bay window. I’ve already paid $300 to have a professional contractor come out to caulk around the outside of this bay window where it attaches to the house. I don’t feel they installed the flashing properly.

This is a $400,000 house and the outside of the bay window the wood is starting to rot. Underneath the bay window there were huge gaps that allowed the air from the inside of my house escape to the outside.

No insulation. I feel Ryan needs to evaluate their design and craftsmanship of these bay windows.