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Home Discount

My family has been one of the first customers for the Ryan Homes community where we live and we are part of the VIP’s list. We bought a house from them that hasn’t started construction yet.

It is $544,100 for the purchase price. But, my friend bought the same house/model/elevation for $545,000 but with more options than us. For example they got the upgraded $18,000 cabinetflooring pattern and a bathroom in the basement plus extra windows.

We got a lot of options too, just not as many and not a bathroom in the basement, $10,000 cabinet package and no extra windows and a few others. All the other options are basically the same, so why did they get more options at a cheaper price than them?

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Larry Taylor
Unfortunately, Ryan Homes does not provide any information about how they calculate discounts for their houses on the company website. However, as stated at, the Ryan Homes employee may get a highly taxes discount if they work in the company 2 plus years.
You may contact the Ryan Homes customer care team to find out if you can get more benefits for the price you have purchased.
** I meant to say “why did they get more options at a cheaper price? Why is our house more expensive for less options?”
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Earnest money refund

by Eldora

Good morning, I put in an earnest money deposit on 06-14-2029 and was advised that you would refund my money if I do not qualify for the USDA loan. Underwriter advised yesterday that they could not.

I was advised that I would get a full refund if the loan is not approved and or signed. I have sent my request in writing and I am not getting a response.

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Who is the contact person for Layton Lakes HOA

Need to ask permission for certain things and do not have contact information for the HOA

1 answer
Larry Taylor
Unfortunately, does not provide any information about the Layton Lakes HOA. You may try to reach out to Ryan Homes Customer Service at (877) 550-**** and ask for assistance.

Is there anyone who can I speak with to learn more about Ryan Homes issues in DE?

Working on an investigative piece looking into apparent issues with the company in various states, but for me the task is to take a look at Delaware. Would love to be in touch with someone on this.

1 answer
Larry Taylor
Out of 285 total reviews about Ryan Homes company on Pissed Consumer website, there are two reviews about the company's work at Delaware. You may read the reviews.

Trim Paint Color

Good Morning I'm hoping you can help me - I live in St. Anne's Estates in Middletown, DE - My Ryan Home was built in 2006.

I'm trying to find out the trim & door paint that was used inside the house. I went to Sherwin Williams over the weekend but they gave me trim paint that was basically white. The paint that was used in our house is not white - it's more of a off white.

Could you please provide the name of the paint? Thank you so much for your help with this issue.

1 answer
Larry Taylor
To get any details about the trim paint color used in your house, please contact the Ryan Homes customer care team by phone at (877) 550-**** (toll-free number).
You may also try to discuss your paint color with the Ryan Homes representative via the company's social networks.

Low Appraisals

To Whom It May Concern: My husband and I are purchasing a Ryan home in Courthouse Commons (Spotsylvania, Virginia). Our home is almost complete.

We were expecting to have our pre-demonstration and our closing in the next few weeks until we were notified of the low appraisal. To our dismay, we have not heard from anyone at Ryan regarding the appraisal and the next steps. We were referred to our sales rep who knows nothing about the process. I cannot believe the service that my husband and I are receiving with the amount of money we are spending on this Ryan Home.

I am very disappointed in the customer service that we have received!!

Very Disappointed Customer!!! Cynthia Johnson 703-580-****

1 answer
Larry Taylor
The details about the appraisal process should be available in your contract with Ryan Homes. If you have any questions about a low appraisal, please contact the Ryan Homes customer care team for assistance.
Looking at the Ryan Homes reviews on, the company currently has 1.7 out of 5 stars. The rating presented here is based on the feedback offered by customers in 119 different Ryan Homes reviews. Customers are not satisfied with poor customer service, lack of actions taken to correct issues after construction, hiding the defects of the home under the surface, and cheap products that they installed.
You may share your experience with Ryan Homes customers as well as the company's top management by posting your comments via the company social networks.
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