Where do I begin.... We have had nothing but issues with Ryan Homes.

To start, quality of work is bottom of the barrel. After moving in, it became immediately apparent that they do not care about quality. All the molding and doors were painted over saw dust and spackle dust. The drywall seams all stand out.

Ryan Homes blamed it on our new lightbulbs we installed. After 2 months of continually smelling sewage and seeing it on the lawn, Ryan Homes finally came out to look at the spetic. They never ran the wire to aerator. So the electrician came out and ran the wire.

After that, the alarm on the aerator never went off so Ryan Homes came out again. Come to find out that inside one of the septic tanks, they installed a valve backwards so septic was never making it past the first tank! After this, I noticed that on the electrical panel box, they changed the name of a breaker from Sump Pump to Septic. I asked them why it would be labeled Sump Pump to begin with...

Well the reason, I have a Sump Pump in my crawl space. When they ran the wire to the septic tank, they decided to just disconnect the sump pump wire and leave it. They had to come back out to install new wire from the panel box to the sump pump. We have a stone facade on our house.

We have been in the house for 1 year and there have been numerous spots where the stone has fallen off the house. The doors that are painted onsite are all streaking. It looks as if they only installed 1 coat at the time the house was installed. All the exterior doors need to be repainted.

Floors - we installed "upgraded" wood floors throughout the house. 8 months after we closed on the house, we noticed that floors have faded... significantly. 4 month review process by Ryan Homes and they denied our claim.

Look at the photos for yourself to see how much they have faded. Save yourself the headache and never ever build with Ryan Homes

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Lemme guess: you’re in Ohio! Seems most complaints about Ryan come from that area! Hope you’ve gotten your issues resolved!


It looks like the area that did not change color was under an area rug. If you are getting alot of natural light wood wiil fade. Remove your area rug, the rest of your floor wiil catch up.


Are you kidding? Clearly that is not a normal amount of fading given the time frame provided.