well im here to tell you i worked for nvr ryan good many years. and to tell you there homes and quality sucks.

its all about the numbers how many you can get out in a short period of time.these homes are built in plants through out the united states, also the grade of lumber. is alot of time the wrong grade. such as no,3 ultility is junk . but were told to use it and spray paint over the grade no.

i am very glad i left as well as alot of my other employees. was embarassed over this, and i can tell you this is still happening today,

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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i too worked for this company as well, and your right all about the numbers how many you can ship out in a short period of time. makes the bonus big , and as for the lumber correct on wrong material used,ship it out let someone else deal with the problem, very sad , its everyones dream to own a new home but it better well be built right,


do you think that the bad constructions are in specific states or the poor quality is the same no matter the standards of each state


doesnt matter homes are shipped to many states from the plant cleve cincin new york pittsburgh area detroit.


I worked for the company for 29 years and previously owned 4 different models in 2 states. The best were in the Frederick, MD area and the WORST was in Ohio!

I was given a promotion and transferred to Ohio and my home was built in 60 days, in the winter months. Needles to say, I had problems from the day I moved in, till the day I moved out. Even though I was an employee the service and workmanship was poor. Yes, it's all about the numbers with Ryan Homes, and has been for quite some time.

After 29 years I was let go in the wake of the downturn of the housing market.

When we were finally able to sell our home in Ohio and move back East, I bought a used home built in the 1980's by a private contractor, even though Ryan was building right down the street from where I purchased. So glad to be out of Ohio and living in a quality home!


im glad there is someone else out there who knows whats going on with the quality and the no,s ,and the *** poor workmanship. and yes homes in ohio came from the plant I mentioned earlier,glad you have a home your happy with .