Very disappointed in our Ryan built home. Very poor craftsmen-ship of the entire home.

My biggest mistake was closing on the house before house fully completed(mortgage company associated with Ryan homes). It was obvious that contractors involved in building the house were not supervised Ryan. The defects have been so pad, that I have halted work our home, until we speak to someone in management.

We will see if they will take responsibility in fixing the many defects in the home. Ricardo Romero

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: multiple construction defects.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 7835 Essex Gate Rd, Dublin, OH 43016

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First off Ryan homes or its structure parts for each model are done in a factory with all sections, boards, ect. cut to precision lengths.

That in itself sounds great but here's where everything fails after that. Ryan contracts the cheapest labor in a set given area of construction to put these pieces together. Couple this with the fact that Ryan buys the cheapest HVAC equipment, hiring the local cheapest HVAC company, usually it's one that has several complaints because they are the cheapest, for installation purposes only. This goes for the roofers who are supplied the shingles by Ryan.

Since all of these contactors are only hired for labor only their attitude upon doing the job is poor and further contributes to the overall poor workmanship. The Ryan Project Manager is a fancy title as he doesn't manage any of the actual construction but rather schedules and coordinates the succession of contractors and sees that they show up to move the home along to its completion regardless how it turns out. His title should be Project Coordinator. While the Ryan home buyer suffers from this approach the Ryan stockholders are making an extrodinary amounts of money.

For example. In 2012 Ryan shares were at $700 dollars per share. As of yesterday 9/24/19 it was at $3514.22 dollars per share. The point being made here that it is better to own Ryan stock than a Ryan home.

Someone has to pay for this huge profit and it's the home buyer for the lack of quality in materials and workmanship.

That's why Ryan buys every stick and piece of material that's brought to each job site project. They get a cost reduction on cheaper material bought at bulk rate.


Thank you! Agree 100%