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We currently and unfortunately own a Ryan home Murfreesboro, TN, in their Muirwood community. We moved into this home on 12/18/2016.

I am currently dealing with HVAC issues in which the furnace condensation drain line froze up during a recent cold snap causing the furnace to shutdown. The company which installed the HVAC system no longer even does HVAC work. A different HVAC company has taken over. Their HVAC technician came out to address the issue.

He told me he has been out on numerous calls for this same problem, and that he cannot repair it correctly at the moment, but only get the furnace back online now by pulling the condensation line inside the furnace to let it drain into the drip pan underneath HVAC system. The technician said in order to repair it correctly, they have to re-plumb condensation drain line on the side of the house, which requires removing bricks to change the angle from 90º angle to a down sloping 45º angle. The technician told me the drip pan has two protections to prevent the drip pan from overflowing. One is a high water sensor to shut the HVAC system down when the water gets to close to the top of the drip pan.

The second is a drip pan drain line to prevent the water from ever getting to high. Well, therein lies the problem, the second safeguard for the drip pan. The original installer did not correct seal the drip pan drain line to the drip pan. Now I have two water leak marks on the ceiling in the family room; showing that is.

Also, when the technician was re-installing the covers on the HVAC system, we both heard noises sounding like electrical arcing, (electrical sparking). He removed the covers again to see an electrical wire exposed with no protection covering it that was touching the cover when installed. The wire probably was moved into position while the technician was gaining access to the condensation drain line. In any case, this wire could have eventually been moved in the future during routine maintenance which may have lead to starting a fire inside the HVAC system.

Lastly on the HVAC system used, Goodman. According to a few sources, it has a higher number of failures than any other brand. I am waiting for the failures to begin on it any time now. I previously had water fill up the light fixture in the pantry because the bathtub drain was not tighten down.

Luckily, I did not get shocked or start the house on fire when I flipped the switch to turn on the light. The water pressure is low due to smaller than normal water lines used throughout the house. Ryan Homes has a basic quick fix warranty for the first year after closing. I initially had about six or seven problems that were quickly evident in the house.

It is just over a year later now, and they are still repairing them... Reluctantly! The electricians who wired this house obviously do not live a home that is considered normal. I have never seen so many wall switches and their random location in all my life.

I think they were paid by the inch of wire and number of wall switches installed.

The coloring on the wood flooring is already fading due to being cleaned regularly. Summary: As the title indicates, "Poor Quality Workmanship & Bare Minimum Priced Materials Used"

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Free repairs on all defects until I move out of this house, which will hopefully be sooner than later. Or, NVR can buy the loan out from me; which would be preferable!.

I liked: Lay out of the home.

I didn't like: Exceptionally poor workmanship and materials used.

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As a former Ryan homeowner and someone who was in the same boat. My advice is to sell your home and get out of the problems and defects due to poor workmanship and cheap materials. Issues and breakdowns will continually come up until you throw in the towel and get rid of the home and move.


I too owned a Ryan home for four years and had multiple issues from leaks to improperly installed siding to several HVAC breakdowns. I had to replace two appliances that broke down and too costly to repair.

I spent out of pocket money after my first year because Ryan only gives you a one year warranty. Having a roof repaired three times after my warranty is uncalled for if the roof was installed properly. Each repair was on a new issue in which the roofer advised stripping the roof down a reshingling it.

That was too costly on a new home so I opted not to. Thankfully I sold that house but will never ever buy or recommend a Ryan home.

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