Say NO to purchasing any new construction home from Ryan Homes with their amenities that include $16,000 worth of buckled hardwood floors from the day of settlement installed by RiteRug Flooring over a moisture laden slab, an undisclosed swamp on the edge of the back yard with snakes and huge mosquitos initially hidden by now nonexistent trees, a bare yard full of deep crevices, unscreeded rocks, stone, construction debris but NO grass and Ryan Homes project managers (chad merritt, doug huber, kevin connery, seth foster, jason leydig, kevin walsh) who consistently attempt to insult your intelligence and refuse to address valid issues of shoddy workmanship in a year and a half old home ESPECIALLY if you are African American or of Indian descent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: $16,000 worth of buckled hardwood floors.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ryan Homes Pros: Location.

Ryan Homes Cons: Poor craftmanship, Hiding the defects of the home under the surface, False hope and run around, Too many little things that adds up to one large disatisfaction, Poor customer service.

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Stop with the racial *** that you got a poorly constructed house because you were black and were taken advantage of. The fact is that Ryan builds a poorly constructed house from the cheap materials to shoddy workmanship no matter who you are so stop crying the poor little old black me routine.

I'm tired of hearing it and for your information pal, I got stuck as well and I don't have that protective skin color to use as to why my house was bad. The fact is that Ryan homes or NVR stock is doing very well and currently trading at $1,898.00 per share. While they are doing well for the stockholders, who do you think is paying for all of those profits? It's the poor individuals that bought those Ryan homes where every cost cutting approach is used to generate those profits.

No pride or quality is put into any Ryan home. If and when the true reputation of the homes get around where profits will be affected then perhaps the quality will change.

I wouldn't hold my breath holding out for that as they have great marketing and sales pitch. Most Ryan home owners would never ever buy another nor recommend someone to buy one.


Oh shut up whining about someone else's experience you *** bag!


Hey *** its obvious that you've never owned a Ryan home so you don't know what the *** your talking about. You probably work for Ryan homes.