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STOP! DO NOT purchase a home constructed by Ryan Homes! Please, PLEASE stay away and save yourself thousands of dollars and the multitude of headaches! I am in the military and used my VA loan to purchase our future home. We live in Eagle Harbor in Carrollton, Virginia and everyone of our neighbors who have purchased a Ryan Home in this neighborhood have all had problems with the quality of craftsmanship put into their new home. Ryan Homes hires the lowest bidding contractor to construct your home and they construct it as fast as possible, cutting corners and passing on the problems this creates to the new home owner. They DO NOT build with quality craftsmanship and could care less how this may impact you or your investment.

We are in the process of hiring a lawyer. We've been in dialogue with the Isle Of Wight Codes Enforcement Officer and the conclusion of our findings indicate Ryan Homes has built our home on unstable soils, failed to properly survey the build site and constructed our home on a foundation that was not designed for the substrate content beneath the home. There are three different departments that deal with this and we had to go through the county enforcer to figure it all out. In short, based upon our recent engineering survey, the home should not have been built where it now stands and the foundational footers and corresponding brick-to-grade walls should've been properly reinforced to properly support the home on the unstable substrate. Since Ryan Homes cut those corners likely to save on building costs, that has translated to settlement, or in more direct terms, foundational cracks in the brick-to-grade walls, the supporting cinder blocks and this has translated through-out the entire home in the form of seam separation on supporting walls, bowing of the floor joists that are being pushed upwards from the support pillars under the home as the home sinks into the unstable soils next to the wetlands. This has caused interior doors to jam, windows to jam and interior doors that won't close or open properly. This has also resulted in large diagonal cracks on the interior walls, drywall seam separation, over 1,768 nail pops, floor creaks and wavy floors instead of level floors. Water is pooling at the foundational footers and there is standing water in the crawl space. JES estimated over $19,000 worth of work just to fix the foundational settlement, this does not solve the drainage issue or cover the internal structural damages settlement has already done to the home.

We have video's, photos and two separate engineering reports - one from Ryan Homes hired engineer and one from our own engineer as well as the reports from the Codes Enforcement departmental representatives to build our case. Even Ryan Homes engineer indicates that the water pooling next to the foundation needed to be resolved and has yet to be fixed. In one particular video we made while the home was being constructed, Ryan Homes framing contractors are seen using skill saws to cut the roof off of our garage because they "put the roof on wrong" and not according to plan, once they discovered they had built the roof incorrectly, they commenced cutting it off with skill saws and used sledge hammers to knock it off. If you're reading this and contemplating a purchase through Ryan Homes, do not do go forward. We saw several warning signs during the construction process. Another warning sign was a video we took of roof leakage after the roof was constructed. Apparently, they forgot to seal the vent pipes correctly on the roof. We could go on and on and have a multitude of photographic and video evidence, along with the other reports, to build our case. We turned in 4 pages of 10 month review paperwork outlining issues with the home and this doesn't include the pages we submitted at the 30 day review period. Several issues remain outstanding and we have had enough.

Forget your 10 year structural warranty. Ryan Homes has not stood by it, in this case, to fix the underlying issue. Another "quick/cheap or "corner-cutting technique" fix was attempted in rigging up more drainage to the crawl space which resulted in them punching holes in the cinder block walls above where the water was located and it didn't move the water away from the foundational footers on the home.

Our home and our investment has been ruined. We will be seeking monetary replacement of the entire value of the home and additional damages so we can look elsewhere for another place to live. This is our first review, we will be filing subsequent reviews on other sites and will be passing out flyers at Ryan Homes sales locations in the greater Virginia area to get this message out.

I suggest if you've already purchased a home and are having problems, your pursue similar actions and document everything (pictures, videos, e-mails, texts, etc.) through-out the process. We need to hold them accountable for ripping off the public and genuine hard working Americans.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $489000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ryan Homes Pros: Sales people.

Ryan Homes Cons: Poor craftmanship.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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