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We had our home built in 2012 and we are having extreme moisture issues! And I know for a fact I'm being mold poisoned and so is my whole family!

Home is sooo cheaply constructed!

Ohio Ryan home owners please sign petition so that we may start a class action lawsuit. Let's get justice!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Is there class action against Ryan Homes in Ohio?


Couldnt we all file a class action lawsuit against Ryan homes due to faulty workmanship??

Seems like I read and read MANY reviews!

Anyone have any ideas please?


Ryan is great if your one of their stockholders. It's at about 2400 dollars a share.

But unlike Apple, that earned their high stock shares from building quality products. Ryan does it by purchasing the cheapest materials and hiring the cheapest labor, mainly illegals, to construct the home. The homeowner is the one who suffers. Despite the fact that many Ryan and prior Ryan homeowners would never buy another.

They have enough new clientele out there to swindle. Other than purchasing their stock, stay away from these people if you want to purchase a home.


I totally agree! Very well said! Thank you!