Our Ryan home was built with Patriot brand windows. The windows are "thin," don't fit the openings properly, and have no edge insulation. Wind came in around most of the windows and we could not keep the house cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Also the house was VERY NOISY.

Ryan would do nothing. We were actually told that we don't understand how windows are supposed to work.

When we replaced the windows (after 2 years) the installer clearly thought we were deluded and were spending our money stupidly. Until they removed only ONE window. It was covered in mold around the edges and the insulation in the wall under the window was wet.

We have new properly fitting properly insulated windows now. There are no water leaks on the basement walls (which were caused by improperly fitting windows that leaked). The house is no longer noisy.

No matter what builder you use, do NOT let them use Patriot brand windows on your house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Location: Greensburg, Pennsylvania

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How do you even get a Patriot Window? They do not sell for retail.

My broken window is not under warranty and I need a window replacement. Who does the replacement? Ryan?

Individual contractor? Who?


bought a 5 year old ryan home. a large picture window seemed to be failing.

upon calling patriot windows i was shocked to find out that there was NO warranty on the window. it only applied to the original home owner.

it cost $1500 to replace. so beware of buying any ryan home.


Our RYan home has Patriot windows and when we bought the house in 2002 we had to have about 7 of the windows replaced because they don't close right. Patriot windows are cheaper than Anderson, they don't seal completely and we've had HUGE energy bills for this house. Plus the house was always cold.


We looked but we did not sign a thing ewith Ryan Homes In Springfield Township, Akro, Ohio. First, there would be an additional charge of $4000.00 for a basement!!

There is an Association fee each year. That goes up each year! The model we looked at had unlevel patio in the rear of the model!! The steps were crooked too!

Don't forget to ask about points! They charge 2 1/2%. Another sales pitch was on the lots. The rep said we better put down a deposit today or the desired lot would be sol to someone else!

The homes look great but there are problems to watch out for. You think real estate people lie to you watch out for the Ryan reps!

They will tell you anything to get you to sound on the dotted line! beware...