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DR house appraised 48K under the asking price. DR said too bad and we should buy the house anyway.

Kept our deposit even though the contract states that if the "preferred lender" does not approve you loan we can shake hand and part ways.

No appraisal clause in the contract for a reason. Way overpriced and SHADY people to work with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

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Here is something, a sort of justice, regarding this company that would be fitting. Anyone remember that old Twilight Zone episode titled Judgement Night?

That's where a German Uboat Commander sinks a boat without warning. This leads the second in command to tell the Captain that he feels that this ship is now condemned in the eyes of God. Here is the exchange between Chairman Dwight Sharp and CEO Paul saville. DWIGHT.

A great year this year. NVR up 8 percent. PAUL Yes sir. Oh you have nerves Paul.

I'm a little shaky. DWIGHT. Why? PAUL.

There are people living in the homes we build .We gave the home buyers no warning of our subpar construction. DWIGHT. Oh so you'd give them warning about an substandard home building practices which would affect our profits. You have sentiment Paul but no brains.

You're an old woman you know that. PAUL. I just found it difficult. DWIGHT.

To do what? PAUL. To reconcile selling cappy homes to Americans without any conscience. Makes me wonder if where not damned now.

DWIGHT. In the eyes of the home buyer we most certainly are. PAUL. No I mean in the eyes of God.

DWIGHT.Oh your not only a fool Paul but also a religious fool and perhaps a mistic at that. Supposed we are damned what will happen then? PAUL. I've had dreams about it.

Perhaps there is a special kind of *** for greedy people like us. Perhaps to be damned is to have a fate like the people who bought our homes. To suffer as they suffer. To have problems like they did.

DWIGHT. You are a mystic Paul. PAUL. We'd live in Ryan homes, day and night, everyday Dwight for eternity.

The buyers could be taken only once, just once, but we could live in this sht box, everyday until eternity.

Then Rod zserling's closing monolog enters here! Lol.