We've had our fair share of *** dealing with Ryan Homes. We had our house built last year and it's a good thing we went to all the contractor's meetings. During one walk through we pointed out that they had the lay out wrong in the kitchen, we paid for the upgraded "Gourmet" Kitchen that came with double wall ovens. They had it laid out for a standing range and a pantry. We go upstairs to the master and the bathroom was wrong too. They had installed a single shower instead of the Roman we had paid for. These were easy fixes and may not seem all that bad.. It wasn't until we moved in that things got hairy. The HVAC people didn't build the system right, the dampers were installed too close together. They would get hung up one another so the second floor was always hot, no air flow. I had to fight and argue for them to come out and fix their mistake.

Our GFI outlets kept popping outside. The Electricians didn't seal the boxes properly so every time it rained, it tripped the GFi, which is also connected to one of the outlets in the basement.. the ONE that my cable and WIFI goes through. That GFI is tripped, we loose everything..and they didn't install another outlet in that room near the panel box and where the cable comes in. We had walked through before drywall and before the electricians came and marked where we were putting everything they knew, we were putting the cable junction there.

That wasn't the only issue with outlets. We would run the vacuum, and three of the outlets on the first floor would pop. They kept insisting it was my vacuum. So when I bought a new one and it did the same thing, I made them come out. The outlets were wired wrong. When the electrician took the outlet apart, it was scorched and parts were melted.

We also had an issue with the wiring of our " Data/phone Cable" outlets. With the purchase in this neighborhood, you get 4, free. We told them where we wanted them. The company that came out and did them, wired the entire house, all rooms. Well when we said "Whoa! We only anted these four in these rooms.." They tried to fight with us and make us pay a couple thousand for the whole house install. When we refused, they fought with Ryan Homes.

It wasn't until after we moved that we found that out of 8 outlets total, 2 work. Not even the FOUR we were supposed to get, the company that wired the house refuses to come out and fix and no one else will touch it because, "It's not their work or materials".

Our "Energy Efficient "Windows, fog up and get condensation on them.

I won't even go into how the house looks like it has chicken pox for all the nail pops it has. (after they came for the one time, one year drywall fix)

But all of this, doesn't even compare to what my neighbors went through yesterday. I got a text from the wife, she was pretty upset because it was practically raining in her mechanical room.

I rushed over to see what was going on as her husband works a good hour away. They had opted for the finished basement, but obviously, unfinished mech room. Mold and mildew EVERYWHERE!! Mold was starting to grow through the wall in the bathroom, the secondary smaller room off the great room and in the mech room. The entire basement was damp and humid. When I walked into the mech room there was a puddle on the floor and condensation dripping off the A/C runs and even running down the PVC pipes.

Christmas, Easter and Halloween Decorations ... all moldy. Boxes soaked and falling apart. I called my husband and asked him to come over. So along with him and our teenagers, we helped her get everything we could salvage out of there and moved to a safer spot.

While doing all this, my husband and I started to really look around and we noticed that the subfloor, and joists were wet and moldy as well. Black mold has started to grow along the door frame.

Our neighbor got in touch with the Emergency number and started their fight with Ryan Homes. Both the Community Manager and his boss made it out to be the Home Owner's Fault.

Oh, it's because they ran their A/C all the time.

Oh, it's because they leave their front door and garage open all the time (the have cats and no screen door, they do NOT leave the doors open!)

Oh, it's because they keep that door Mech room door shut all the time.

These were the reasons given for Ryan Homes' failures. Until the wife texted me what was being said and I got out that handy dandy binder they give all of us at close and started sending her pictures of what the binder says, such as; "Don not be a thermostat Juggler!"

""Adjustment of dampers or registers will provide room control, for economy, **** Close off any dampers to spare rooms infrequently used***"

And " Care should be taken to maintain consistent temperature in your new home throughout all seasons to prevent stress on the drywall"

But yet the area Manager is telling them it's THEIR FAULT, because they run the A/C and do exactly what the Binder tells them to.

The HVAC people showed up and what did they find? There isn't an air vent in the main trunk of the unit.

Also, there's a slight dip in the floor, before the hole for the sump pump..so the water collects there instead of going into the sump pump.

How is it that Ryan Homes can blame everyone else and point the finger.. but when it's clearly their fault they can't just say.."Sorry, we screwed up"?

Don't buy a Ryan Home. Don't Live in their HOA Community (that's a whole other issue entirely with their hired Troll in the office and the "ARC"Committee that never gets back to anyone.

You will have nothing but frustration, head/heart ache and wasted money.

Run, don't walk, AWAy!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Sardinia, Ohio

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Wow.....just reading the words you typed... You will have nothing but frustration, head/heart ache and wasted money. if you build with Ryan Homes is all I need to read.


i was thinking of a Ryan home, what communtiy was this in?