I bought a Ryan Home that was only a couple of years old and still covered under the builders 3 year warranty as well as the 8 year structural warranty. About a year after the builders warranty expired, I came home to find my basement full of water. I called in the plumber only to find out that the problem was due to a trim nail that had punctured one of the pipes, because they failed to install the proper nail stops on the studs. I had to contact Ryan Homes multiple times to attempt to get answers. During the first call, they just outright denied that they built the house. Ha! The second call, they agreed that they built it, but then said it wasn't covered under the warranty. I elevated my complaint and sent pictures of the pipe with the nail in it. I had to call them back to get a response, only to be told that because I couldn't prove that they drove the nail, they would not cover the damage. Really?? The house was completely original, except for a fresh coat of paint. You only had to look at the house to know that nothing was ever done to it.

Ryan Homes in general are a poor build quality. When they build a house, they bring panels in pre-fab and hammer them together. Those pre-fab sections never compensate for the slight imperfections on the slab and ALWAYS lead to even worse problems in the house later on. Don't be surprised if you find walls some walls to be crooked.

I went with a much better builder my second time around, The neighborhood I live in is a joint venture between Ryan and another builder. Before buying, we did a price comparison and found Ryan to be far more expensive. Ryan wanted to charge us $500 to omit a 1/2 wall!! I've never been charged more for less, but apparently Ryan does. The other builder did it for free. Ryan's pricing model is such that they offer you a low price up front, but everything AND I MEAN EVERYTHING is an option. You want a light fixture in a bedroom? extra! Ceiling fan rough-in? Extra! Phone line? Extra! Cable connection? Extra!! And those extras aint cheap. We found that on average, Ryans "options" were actually almost twice as much as the other builder, when comparing similar options. So in the end, we saved big time by not going with the cheap builder.

My last complaint about Ryan: When Ryan was building their homes, one of their trucks drove through my lawn and destroyed my freshly seeded aerated and treated lawn, leaving 4 tire tracks about 5' long into my yard. I called the Ryan Super Intendant 3 times and never even received the courtesy of a callback.

Is it any surprise that Ryan Homes is known and the vultures???

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