Since Ryan and NVR Homes are the same company I figure this will be the place to write a comment. I WILL NEVER!!!

recommend anyone to purchase a home from either party. Once you sign for the home you only have one year to find all of the defects on the home. I purchased a home from NVR builders and my one year has passed and I am still finding many defects on my new home and now my one year is up I no longer have an warranty that will cover the new things that I have discovered with the build and materials that went into building my home. NVR has Shattered my dream of owning a beautiful home.

Owning this home has caused my wife and I to argue about repairs that NVR should have taken care of even if the one year warranty has expired. The so call Project Manager "Mitch" is one of the worse PM I have known and if you decided to purchase an NV Home and he is your PM all I can say is "RUN" and if you get Kevin (the young man) as a sells representative he will smile in your face and tell you what you want to hear...all I can say is "RUN" NEVER purchase a Ryan or NV Homes because if you do; you will be typing a new review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ryan Homes Cons: Poor customer serivce and poor materials they use.

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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If you are finding things after a year, you more than likely have paid no attention to the finer details of your home.

As far as your marital fighting goes, just move out of your "shattered dream" home and let her have it in the divorce settlement.


Jesus Christ, I feel I have stumbled across a review from my own husband!! This is exactly the way we feel here in Midlothian Va.

I cried the the day of our walk through, closing, and hereafter and have had arguments with my husband just cause I'm so frustrated with the unkept promises our project manager has made when this should be a happy time. My husband is now going to take money we don't have for a lawyer and has threatened to post a huge sign in our yard where our neighborhood is still being built that says Don't ever buy a Ryan home and Lucas our project manager doesn't care