We built in 2006 and this is what our contractor found when he was replacing our sunken in steps and porch because they built it wrong. Most of my neighborhood is having issues with theirs.

They didn’t put any moisture barrier between the siding and the wall board! Of course it took years before it started showing major issues.

They know by the point you find it the warranty will be past. The repairs are in the thousands of dollars!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Building Service.

Location: Dayton, Ohio

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Ryan had another site of 195 complaints which miraculously disappeared.! That site along with this one of over 300 complaints didn't paint a very good picture for Ryan.

Ryan benefits the stockholder by buying the materials in bulk cheap and hiring the cheapest contractors to build it. The home buyer suffers from shoddy workmanship. The other site that had 195 complaints has restarted out new.

It has 35 complaints mounting. I guess Ryan will get rid of that one when it gets larger.


Has anyone noticed the other Ryan home complaint site in addition to this one with other complaints. My question is why are those poor reviews getting less and disappearing.

In other words there were 195 complaints which mysteriously dropped down to 167. Ryan is somehow removing them.


I bought a brand new Ryan home and had nothing but problems in the four years that I had owned the home. These needed repairs were costing me out of pocket expenses which shouldn't be the case on a brand new home.

Overlooking the sloopy workmanship. I will only list the items that needed immediate attention. The GE refrigerator and dishwasher, supposedly brand new needed to be replaced. The HVAC system broke down 7 times during those 4 years.

The roof shingles blew off the roof on windy days. That occurred from day one under the one year warranty. After that one year I was forced to call roofers several times. Siding came off of the house.

The front door bell shorted out. The garage door keypad failed. The basement had four leaks from cracks that developed in the cement wall. The garage also had a leak as that short cement wall cracked.

The irrigation system had 6 heads fail during those 4 years.

When the HVAC system was working it was never adequate enough regarding heating the home. The AC was OK although undersized for that size home.


i'm having same issues with the roof. Had a water leak first couple month Now i have a big crack in the deck they built and they are claiming its not structural so they dont fix after 1 year of warranty i bought this home 2.5 years ago!!!!!!