I purchased within the last 6 months a two over two townhouse type unit in a new neighborhood in Montgomery Co., MD. Moved in and within several weeks had major issues included a leaking pipe in the basement which caused major water damage.

When it became cooler I wanted to turn on the heat. No heat. How long did it take to get in contact with my Ryan project manager, who just referred me to the myryan.com website? A week.

Then the website submits a ticket to the subcontractor HVAC company which takes another week. By that time it was November and pretty cold, especially at night. That finally got resolved after several weeks. Oh those great nights of going to sleep in sweatsuits and wool socks.

Now the issue is the hot water heater. I want to rip it out of the wall every time I take a shower. The subcontractor HVAC, plumbing and heater manufacturer have all been in to inspect the unit and say it works. Which it does, for about 5 minutes of mildly heated water, if I'm lucky.

The house has a two year warranty, thank God. After that though, I'll be looking to move. I wish I would have done more thorough research before making the purchase of my first home.

I would advice anyone even considering Ryan Homes to simply Google Ryan Home Reviews or Bad Reviews and read the 100s of consumer reviews. Ryan is a sham through and through.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Farmington, Michigan

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