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Montgomery Square disaster - We visited these new/under constructions town homes. Thin walls.

I could hear the other visitors in the house next door. Noisy/Train tracks. The entire community is right in front of the train tracks which fall into your back yard. The trains blow their horns prior to crossing the street, so get used to the noise.

Ditch. There's a ditch between the plots and the train tracks, so 40 feet after your back yard is a 6-10 foot ditch followed by train tracks. Inferior products. The kitchen cabinets are constructed from a very cheap/flimsy wood.

The insulation. This isn't as great as they make it seem. They boast that the homes are tested to be energy efficient. During production only one home gets tested.

This home is generally tested at their facility base.

The remaining of the homes are built in pieces and then assembled (like Ikea furniture) which is never of the same caliber. So expect increased heating and cooling costs than those that are advertised. Small rooms. 2 of the 3 bedrooms can only really be used for a single bed or as an office, 10x10 and 11x10.

A queen mattress is about 76"x80". The bed is always a little longer and wider. So you're looking at about 2 ft of space on either side and 3 feet towards the base of the bed at most. Ridiculously Overpriced.

The homes only come with a vinyl floors, cheap unstained wood kitchen, Formica countertops, white plastic like countertops for the bathroom with white cabinets. This looks extremely cheap.

If you apply all upgrades your house can get up to 400,000. They charge you extra for insulating your corner plot.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Hatfield, Pennsylvania

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I'm sorry, did you buy this home? If you did, all the "problems" you having is on you.

Also, I saw you wrote this review on another website and claimed it was for a house in Reading. Well, which is it? If you bought this house and didn't notice the ditch, the thin walls, and the railroad tracks then you're not a very smart person. It's not Ryan Homes' fault that you bought a house and didn't notice the ditch or thin walls.

And also, if you didn't buy this home, why are you reviewing? This doesn't affect you at all.