We moved into our new ryan home in dec 2013. prior to moving we had concerns, but were assured….. well of course we were assured things were going to be alright. from a high level the home looks good, and is totally livable. Where Ryan failed us was in the details. And boy they missed a lot of them. And in talking with our new neighbors, we weren't the only ones. To ryan home's credit they ultimately fixed them, but that was over a course of 2 months having a fix it guy in our house at least twice a week during that timeframe. In short, our house was built too fast, and it suffered greatly. We had a list of 28 things to fix immediately after we moved in. At our 30 day check up, it was up to 76. Some small, some big, many were unnecessary, and the result of (our belief) poor workmanship, and rushed job.

We couldn't recommend to anyone to build with this company. They were absolutely ok with presenting the house to us in various states of disrepair, and 7 months later, things haven't change very much.

They'll come and fix these things i'm sure, but it often takes numerous trips. First trip workmanship is shoty, and generally calls for a second effort.

it's disheartening to sit here and type this. We paid a great deal of money for a house that wasn't treated in the manor one would hope when spending said money. It was a mistake we'll have to live with. I am quite sure we will move within 10 years, when all their warranties expire. We had intended this home to be "it". Alas, it is not, and can't be now. reputation and expectations have been set by Ryan homes, and they are VERY VERY low. I expect failures.

moral of this story (without all the gory details), do not agree to moving in until they have the house in a state that is reasonable, and up to YOUR standards..

Good Luck,

disappointed ryan home owner.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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