We were contacted by the project manager that we installed our fence on our neighbors to the north ( back yard) and neighbor to the east properties. The rear property is attempting to close which is how it became an issue.It seems we are 5 feet on the rear property and either 6 feet or 10 feet on the east property.

The PM walked our lot when we accepted the house and told us: "these are your property markers". So, we believed him. Three months after closing we installed irrigation. Nine months after closing we installed a fence.

The fence company had the deeded plot map and there was the property marker with iron rod pin. So yesterday, PM with the building company tells us we are wrong and we need to move the fence by tomorrow. We asked for a survey to be done because we followed the plot marker. There is now a third plot marker in the corner of our lot!.

They do not know where the boundary is. I hate these people.

it will cost us thousands to fix. their mistake!- can they rip our fence down?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Project Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ryan Homes Pros: I liked the home floorplan and options.

Ryan Homes Cons: Efforts taken to fix a defect.

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The project manager needs to retire. He always has stupid answers coming out of his mouth when he don't know what the *** he is talking about.

Retire man. Leave it to the pros and your not.


Unfortunately they can rip your fence down if it was built on the property that was purchased for a proposed home to go up. What if you were those people buying that lot.

For all they know you were assuming squatters rights because you bought your lot before them and were attempting to aquire a bigger piece of land for yourself. Those markers are never accurate and you should have had the property accurately surveyed by a surveyor who would have marked the area before the fence was installed. You were expecting the fence company to do this properly? Their job is to install fences.

Had you gone through the proper channels on this and not try to save money by eliminating the surveyor. You could have held the surveyor responsible for inaccurately marking your property boundaries for the fence installation.