HVAC & Applicances: Ryan homes failed to register many installed items in the house for their manufacturers warranty to be valid. My home is 4 years old November 2015 and we have already had various appliances replaced, the HVAC unit replaced twice already and now the blower only to find out that it was never registered with the manufacturer for the 10 year warranty by the installer or Ryan homes as required. Ryan Homes has yet to correct.

Drywall: We have numerous places throughout the home with issues where the ceiling meets the wall. Often the seam is wavey or rippled and can only be fixed by ripping out and replacing the sheet of drywall. The installer claimed that it was normal and refused to correct; Ryan homes deferred to the installer. Currently having a licensed installer correct the issue.

Wiring: Basement was to be wired so that the house could have LAN ports through out for connections to various devices. After having an installer look at the bridge used to create the LAN port hub, the hub does nothing except allow plugs to be placed there. The hub actually does nothing and needs to be replaced with the proper hub so that the network can be spread to the various points through out the house.

Exterior: Coating on concrete has completely washed away after 3.5 years and has to be repainted. Outside light fixtures have had to be replaced after 1 year, as well as the wiring and mounting for the lights also had to be corrected.

Interior: Various switches do not operate the socket or fixture as designed; various pod lights were omitted during construction and later installed after many phone calls to customer service. All sinks in the home give off sewage smells when water is first turned on; this has been corrected thanks to a licensed plumber who corrected the traps on EVERY sink. Many larger rooms are given only 1 air vent and in the master the 2 air vents are placed center of solid walls behind places they suggest to place your bed. Only on the first floor are there vents near/under windows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Ryan Homes Pros: Floor plans.

Ryan Homes Cons: Willingness to accept responsibility for actions, Lack of actions taken to correct issues after contruction, Failure to follow through.

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

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