Hi my name is Nicole Walker and my husband and i built a home in august of 2007 and everything was great until we started to meet our neighbors and found out we were lied to about what came with our new home. We didnt want white walls and we were told thats all we had to choose from which was a lie our window in the master bedroom was suppose to be one big picture window which was in the model home and we got two windows that i wasnt pleased with but they lied and said this was something new which was a lie because they just built a new model home that has the window i originally wanted.

and my husband and i are responsible for one couple to built with ryan homes, we are first time home owners and i feel like we were taking advantage of! Delmar and Nicole Walker

Monetary Loss: $136.

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Sure there are happy Ryan Homes homeowners in Knox, TN. Wisconsin, Illinois and(blocked I.P.

location) No matter that Ryan Homes doesn't build homes in any of these places. I'm sure there are some actual good reviews from real customers on gripe sites.

To think otherwise would require a complete loss of faith in the incredibly *** American consumer. :sigh


I have built a home two years with Ryan and while there are things that I am not happy with, I would say it is truly more my fault then Ryans. Any issue we had Ryan came out and fixed any issues we had. All and all it was not bad experience and sometimest they just get a bad wrap.


Shocker that a new home buyer doesn't know anything about negotiation. Didn't anyone ever tell you not to spend so much on your first home like you're going to be there forever? Of course everything in the models are upgrades that you have to ask for, what do you expect?


Reid's Prospects...cheapest townhomes ever made-DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE FIVE YEARS AGO! Very poor electrical, Ryan cuts corners like no other.

My house in Lake Ridge was built in 2005. The neighbors and I have nearly all had leaks and AC overhauls. Dry wall has had to be fixed four times due to poor construction. All appliances have had to be upgraded, washer and dryer went by year two.

Ryan has a very poor reputation.

If you want hot and cold spots in your home and like to hear your neighbor every time they walk across their living room, buy a Ryan. If not, several friends have bought in Ridgeleigh in Lake Ridge...very solid built, amazing quality, water views, nice appliances, well insulated.


I purchase a home in 2004. I had problems since.

The roof shingles fell off ever time we have heavy wind. Then I find out from an roofer that the roof was never sealed right. I go back to Ryan homes and they avoid you and say they will look into to this. ALL LIES !!!!

now I have to go to the Tamko to see if the will honor their warranty. DO NOT BY A RYAN HOME IT LEAKS AND IT IS NOT BUILT RIGHT.


I recently built a Ryan Home too and I can tell you the model homes are loaded with most if not all of the upgrades. I'm with the poster above, the window was probably an upgrade that you didn't ask about or weren't told about.


It seems there is a huge amount of optimism and MIS-understanding that you always get what you pay for but in volume sales almost any quality of home, like cars aveil.Unlike cars you can't test drive first but a buyer must always be on their guard with this sized purchase, do the research first and keep doing it through out the entire process. Look at everything in advance.

Talk to neighbors you select not the builder. Know what are options and what isn't. Get preapproved before reverting to NVR if you can. And keep in mind no matter how cautious you are you may still get a Lemon.

Not just with Ryan homes but any of them. Seek out the builder with the fewest complaints and if you can't afford it and elect a bargain sell over a quality purchase then know that anything may happen and most often does.

Good luck to everyone and I am not, nor have I ever been a Ryan Homes Employee.


We found a window change at our pre construction meeting. it was explained you could only have 3 large windows on this one wall because of the 90 mile an hour wind sheer rules.

i was disappointed but i understand that this change was out of the contractors control.

room still ended up looking great. very excited with our new Ryan home.


All of these comments are by Ryan Home employees. There is so much *** about this company all over the internet on numerous sites that I know by fact you are all employees of this organization. My brother just bought a townhouse in Howard County, MD built by Ryan Homes and he went through *** and still is.


The something "new" they were talking about was the "wind sheer code" that was bumped up to 90mph. In this case you received more wall and less window making your home safe in a 90mph wind.

As far as the neighbor receiving the window that was in the model. They roll out these code changes in regards to when the home was actually sold. So if your home was sold after but built before, that would be the reason for the difference. I am sure that your neighbors home was built after yours.

As far as the white walls and neutral colored walls... I am sure it is different by region but I know in the Maryland region they have went to Neutral and away from the white walls. I love my new Ryan Home. It is a man made product and those types of things aren't ever going to be the same each and every time, but close.

I love my new Ryan Home... Thanks


My guess is that the window you wanted was an upgrade and you did not realize that when reviewing the construction blue prints. You can get a different color, but it is an extra and instead of white its usually a light brown/tan color....and ALL the walls have to be one color...and oh, its an extra and costs more.

The smart person buys white (base price) for the reasons Johnny Drama states above....so you are better off with the white. After the first year, paint the walls whatever color you want.


I'm not even sure what the issue was. Most new homes are painted in white because once the home starts to settle a colored paint will require the whole wall to be repainted (if you want it done right) for nail pops,etc. A white wall will just require a localized touch up, which can then be painted over with whatever the final color will be once the house has finished settling.


Sorry to hear about that. When I reviewed the contract it said I was not purchasing the model but what was on the blueprints. I was happy, what wasa sold to me on the blueprints was what was built in my home.