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We have been in our Ryan/Rymarc home for a year and a half ad are still trying to get the inital problems resolved. They never came back to fix any of the things on our punch kit.

We had flat paint and semi gloss paint inter-mixed on our baseboards-some not painted. Big cracks in the mortor, chipped and scratched appliances. Water damaged, hardwood flooring. Large cracks in the drywall CAUSED from settling. Wavey ceilings that we were told were the cause of the "knock down" used in the drywall finishing process. The first time the we tried using the heat pump to heat, it blew a fuse. The 3nd summer, the heat pump didn't cool.

It took a letter to Ryan's VP in Virgina to get finally things started.

They were on the ball at first. They "fix" one thing and it creates another. We wait for hours on contractors who never show up, don't clean up after themselves and do a half a##ed job. They hire and fire people so face that it seems like there is no one left from when we bought our home, May 2010 including the VP's. The only one left is the salesperson that falsified our change forms. From what I understand, he is moving up in the company. they have different contractors coming all the time. Apparently exhausting the local crapy companies, they are now pulling from Charlotte.

We have come to the conclusion that Ryan/Rymarc is sending us the worst contractors so that we get so fed up which just forget about any more repairs. We are so fed up that and can't wait for the economy to improve so we can put this lemon on the market and to go back to renting!!

What does a Ryan/Rymarc look like in 20 years???

We are tempted to ask if they want to buy it back?

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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I was framing for a guy Carl smith in Columbia and Lexington sc and we finished framing a house in blythwood that someone one else started framing and we framed a house for them in. Lexington and me and other people has not being paid for our work yet