After 11 years, the stone siding is cracking terribly, air vent inside a coset by the door,

wood floors cracking and wearing away, windows broke, and a siding on my home was put on even though it is the wrong color.

More serious though, the ground the home and homes in the community have been built on is very poor. The dirt is so soft and I believe is the reason for the cracking in the walls inside as well as the concrete on the outside. Grass will not grow as well.

The appliances and counter top also are of extremely poor quality for the price of this upscale TH. Not please.

Store Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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They overlooked the radon issue in my house as well. I will be out $1,500 to install a mitigation system in order to sell the house.

I lived in the home with my newborn daughter and had no idea what radon has even was! I am now in the process of selling, and had a radon test done for the new buyers. It came back well above normal and since it's such a huge health concern I am now having to come out of pocket before I can sell it. More importantly, I am beyond terrified at the potential health risk that my little girl has incurred.

I also had a large sink hole in my back yard that they refused to come fill in. Not to mention roof damage, water damage, poor windows, foundation wrap that is separating from the house, a driveway and walkway that are tripping hazards, and not enough backfill around the entire house to promote water drainage away from it. All this and the house isn't even 4 years old!

I will never recommend them to any potential home buyer and do everything in my power to get the word out to people thinking of building with them. Incredibly displeased.


Ryan Homes does build on landfills occasionally, and has be known to overlook radon issues. Your particular area of concern has two common causes.

Poor grading of the land is very common with Ryan Homes. This leads poor drainage and to shifting foundation issues and difficulties with maintaining top soil for grass and plant growth.

Soil analysis and land survey is supposed to be done before building is started to determine the nature of the soil, or if you're on shifting clay and so on. This determines how to properly lay a durable foundation to handle the stresses.

Failures in this area have been known to wreck entire subdivisions, with no consequence to the builder of course.

I'm not a builder or in construction. Never worked for Ryan, just live in one of their messes. Thus, I've been studying Ryan Homes for more than ten years. Long enough to see how many things they can mess up.

You name it, they've done it wrong somewhere on a high volume scale.

And profited from it as well, regardless.

good luck.